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Star Wars: The Escape Favorite Comic Series Moments!

After the rebel fleet barely survives the betrayal at Mako-Ta; Leia, Han, and Luke find themselves stranded on the isolated world of Hubin. The high energy fast pace life of Rebel heroes takes a bit of a breath as our heroes find themselves waylaid! But that definitely doesn’t mean things are boring!

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Rogue Rebels Podcast 73: Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire!

Sal and Lizzy about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire! Everything from Galaxy’s Edge, Spotify, Joe Jama, remember Phasma, Trejo’s Tacos, no Skywalker drama, D’qar, birds, Archex’s “treatment,” half the pook, carved toy backstory, arguing politics on Batuu, Lizzy’s souvenir, Dolin the farmer, Kriki is so helpful, Archex wants more, Zade’s charisma, building a base,… Continue reading Rogue Rebels Podcast 73: Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire!