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Star Wars: The Escape Favorite Comic Series Moments!

After the Rebel fleet barely survives the betrayal at Mako-Ta; Leia, Han, and Luke find themselves stranded on the isolated world of Hubin. The high energy fast paced life of Rebel heroes takes a bit of a breath as our heroes find themselves waylaid! But that definitely doesn’t mean things are boring!


Hide N’ Seek

Look, this is just a really great panel.

Welcome Wagon

The Hubin greeting is a bit ominous, but the locals are actually much more accommodating than their initial appearance would seem.


As guests of Thane Markona, our heroes enjoy some really nice hospitality. The kind they aren’t really used to.


This is, of course, the famous shirtless Han we’ve been talking about.

Training Rules

Well, turns our shirts are pretty optional on Hubin. Luke does get a few lessons from a seasoned warrior while roaming around shirtless…


For the first time Han Solo isn’t running or gunning. He actually gets a moment to sit with his feelings!

Grave Knowledge

Luke and Tula Markona start to become very close. Turns out there’s a Jedi in the family history and Luke hears a bit of knowledge passed down.


Han reads the situation all wrong when Leia asks him to come to her room.

Reader, I snorted.

Han Shot First

No arguments here.

Rules of Engagement

When the outside world finally catches up with the Rebels, at least the Markona Clan rules allow for the confrontation to be fair.

The Price of Freedom

While the Rebels are able to escape and make their way off planet, the isolation and peace of Hubin is ended. Tula leads her people towards whatever the future brings.

In some really sweet armor, no less.


Unlike most Star Wars adventures, the breathing time allows our familiar characters to really take stock and find focus in their chosen paths. The art is well done and Leia, Han, and Luke get some really great character moments.

This comic arc is a must-read for those who like a deeper look at some familiar characters motivations before they return to the fight! Because we all know they won’t get many moments like this.

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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