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Rogue Rebels Costume Journey: Kanan Jarrus, Part 2

So in Part 1 I talked about finding the references, hunting for materials, and starting the build. But there’s a lot more to finish so let’s continue this journey.

More Building

The Armor.

The armor has been changed the most. I started with the first version made from foam. I went with a pretty dark hunter green and hand mixed the brown and red for the rusting color. It wasn’t great.

It wasn’t even that good. But it worked.

I kinda patterned it with poster board and then cut the foam. The shapes were okay but I wasn’t happy with the shoulder. Also with no clear reference, the bird design was pretty basic.


As soon as I had better references and had learned a thing or two about foam building from watching some Evil Ted tutorials I set to make a better improved shoulder with a better curve, seam, and paint job. This is what it looked like compared to the original.

old crappy shoulder and new improved version!

A VAST improvement but it also meant I was ready to repaint the armor a bit better.

Just in time for SDCC

Then I got that KW Designs kit.


Assembled it.

By then I had much better references and had seen the show so I was able to find a more accurate color. Painted it up.

Weathered it and ended up with this.

As perfect as I could get it.


I was good to go.

AND I got the costume approved with both Saber Guild and Rebel Legion!


Kanan RL

Then Season 2 started with The Siege of Lothal

Kanan Vader damage

And I had some adjustments to make.

So I bought a new shoulder and painted it up and assembled it in a way that I could switch out with my season 1 shoulder.

Worked out great and with the same paints I could just switch out shoulders depending on which Kanan I wanted to do.

Pic taken by @AcrosstheStars Thanks Jenmarie! Check out her site!

Boom. Season 2 Kanan.

But still not quite perfect. So I repainted again.

I repatterned the shoulder design to be more accurate and mixed more olive into the green to get a better color.

Just finished and I think it’s perfect… for now.


I was using Liz’s Blue Ultrasaber she used for Aayla originally. There wasn’t really an option for a more accurate functional saber. Since I wanted to fight in Saber Guild shows I need something battle worthy. It wasn’t something I could make out of PVC or anything and expect to hold up to a real duel without exploding…. Luckily Saberforge came out with their Rebel pretty quick and I’ve been using it ever since.

It’s been through battles and I’ve since repainted the hilt to match the armor… but now that I’ve repainted the armor I guess it’s time to repaint this hilt too.

I’ve already mentioned the LToy creations DL-18 blaster. Looks perfect. the size feels good. and since it’s a 3d print it’s super light. The main thing that separates this from other DL-18s that I’ve found in my searches is that most of those were based off of the Return of the Jedi version and the dimensions are a bit more stubby. I really like the long barrel Star Wars Rebels version much better. It just feels more cowboy Jedi.

The original kneepads I made were foam and looked like garbage. It was one of those things where the limited references and time resulted in a real “I’ll make better ones when I have time after Wondercon” which was our deadline at the time. But working on all 4 costumes I was up to the wire all the way. Cut foam knees, painted ’em black, and glued some strapping on. This was another fix I was trying to do pretty quick. When I got that KW Designs kit with knees included I painted them up THAT DAY because I had an event that night!

Didn’t have time to weather them but they looked good enough to wear! I’ve since weathered them and repainted them a very dark grey to better match the show.

Went contact shopping for aqua contacts, I think it’s time for another new set of those too.

Pulled the hair back into a ponytail and that’s how Kanan has come together. A long journey but one I’m glad to have taken.

I also decided to do the A New Dawn version of Kanan inspired by Doug Wheatley‘s AMAZING art. Another thrift store find and some collar and greeblie alterations later and I had a nice cowboy Jedi! I’d still like to weather it down a bit and make some tiny alterations but I hope to wear it again!


I also picked up a TK helmet to repaint for Kanan’s custom helmet. It’s hard to wear with the armor but it looks awesome!


I’m on the lookout for a great Rebels style Temple Guard to paint up and hope to have one soon.

So as you can see it’s a long road and a lot of work to put something like this together. I love the character and have a lot of fun trying to bring Kanan to life the best I can.

But the journey goes on.

And I guess it’s time to take the next step soon….

Rogue Rebels Costume Journey: Kanan Jarrus, Part 3


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