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Rogue Rebels Podcast 126: Obi-Wan Kenobi Part V!

Sal, Axel, Lizzy, and Liz talk Part V of Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Baby Anakin and Obi-Wan! Reva got a promotion on LinkedIn! Dual flashback technology! Kenobi’s pep talk! NED-B speaks through actions! Vader is still easy to trick!

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Rogue Rebels Podcast 120: Midnight Horizon with Zoe Hinton!

Sal and special guest Zoe Hinton (SW Geek Girl) talk The High Republic: Midnight Horizon!

El Cucuy, back to Corellia, Crash and the crew, child assassins, flying bar stools, a Nihil Masquerade, shady rich people, and a suitcase stuffed with a Jedi!

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Star Wars Geek Girl 222: A Very Kenobi Episode…

On Episode 222… Lizzy and Zoe talk about Kenobi Trailer, Kenobi, Star Wars, and more Kenobi stuff! Please Subscribe, Share and rate the podcast! podcast@starwarsgeekgirl.netLizzy Check out www.starwarsgeekgirl.comFacebook: @swgeekgirlinstagram @swgeekgirl Follow The Rogue Rebels Everywhere!

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Welcome…Welcome…Welcome to Episode 292 of THE SITH LIST! Iraj, Boo, Randy, King Tom, Les and Eric bring you the crazy Week in Geek. We have Sal Perales and Nick Ghanbarian as special guests this week and they give us a deep dive into the Galactic StarCruiser.