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Star Wars: Visions Review!

This anime anthology takes the Star Wars themes we know and love and delivers them in nine brilliantly fresh lenses. Each episode showcases it’s own unique story and style which varies wildly episode to episode. The series is a shining example of how the best qualities of Star Wars translate worldwide!

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LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales Review!

It is officially spooOOoOoOOOooky month and this year LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales brings us ghoulish cheer… in brick form! LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales takes us deep within the mysterious castle of *GASP* Darth Vader! Along the way there’s a scare around every corner and that patented LEGO humor keeps us in *THUNDER* stitches… MWAAHHahahaHAHAHahhAHAA

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Star Wars: Rogues and Rebels Favorite Comic Series Moments!

Poncho Luke returns as Rebels plans go awry! Vader himself makes an appearance and our heroes must change up their plans to live to fight another day! The last arc of the 2015-2019 volume of Star Wars takes us up to The Empire Strikes Back and the story from Empire Ascendant gives us Shara and Kes at Echo base!

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Doctor Aphra: Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon Favorite Comic Moments!

Okay so Doctor Aphra and Vulaada are trying to make their way in a ruthless galaxy but unfortunately the Rebel Alliance and the Empire are both after Aphra so it seems our rogue archaeologist won’t be catching a break anytime soon. Oh also childhood memories and run ins with the ex are sure to keep Aphra on her toes.
So as usual… chaos and shenanigans ensue.