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Ronin: A Visions Novel Review!

Ronin: A Visions Novel takes a really rad anime short and builds a deep intricate galaxy full of complicated characters with dimension and depth out of it. Deeply imaginative. Bold on every level. In all the best ways Ronin defies expectations and breaks the mold while still retaining the feel, tone, and core themes of what “Star Wars” truly is.

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Doctor Aphra: Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon Favorite Comic Moments!

Okay so Doctor Aphra and Vulaada are trying to make their way in a ruthless galaxy but unfortunately the Rebel Alliance and the Empire are both after Aphra so it seems our rogue archaeologist won’t be catching a break anytime soon. Oh also childhood memories and run ins with the ex are sure to keep Aphra on her toes.
So as usual… chaos and shenanigans ensue.

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Doctor Aphra: Worst Among Equals Comic Series Moments!

Doctor Aphra has had a DAY. Turns out there might be an internal bomb connecting her with her former-murder-droid-now-greatest-frenemy-Triple Zero that explodes their heads if they get too far away from each other implanted by a sadistic mad scientist who is also watching their entertaining exploits through a live feed while he fixes his friends arm!