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Doctor Aphra: A Rogue’s End Favorite Comic Moments!

Doctor Aphra finds herself directly under the eye of Darth Vader as she is commissioned by the Empire to aid in searching out archaeological sites for rebel scum all while questioning her ever at-risk mortality and what her choices have meant to those she’s loved.

The final chapter in Doctor Aphra’s pre – The Empire Strikes Back journey from Simon Spurrier has all the usual chaos we’ve come to expect from our favorite disaster! The story finishes off with some real depth and introspection that feels genuine and heartwarming. Caspar Wijngaard brings some beautiful art which once again, fits the Aphra tone wonderfully. I really enjoy when the art feels right for the character.


‘Til the Stars Fall Down

There’s a great annual story with our favorite couple Winloss and Nokk! Aside from just being adorable to catch up with them, there’s some great stuff with Nokk’s backstory!


Working with her old boss seems to be affecting Aphra in a few stressful subconscious ways…


I know someone who was very happy with this.


Sometimes even when we can’t change who we are, all we can do is protect the best we can.

Fathers and Daughters

It’s the simple things really.


We learn a little bit more about electrotattoos.


Doctor Aphra does her best to bring the people she cares about together. Where they can protect each other.

Winter is Here

Ooh! A Planet with multiple seasons and biomes!


Even the Sith Lord himself has a few weaknesses…


… and f8#%ton of regrets.

End Transmission

Aphra puts all the pieces in place and makes her getaway.

Leaving only a message.

Among the Stars

Korin, Vulaada, and Tolvan all end up safe and sound with the rebellion on their brand new hidden base. Wondering about where Chelli is now in an epilogue story from Empire Ascendant. It’s the distance that makes the heart grow fonder.


Somewhere in the Middle

This is a beautiful bittersweet “end” for Doctor Aphra and the friends we made along the way. Luckily, in true Star Wars fashion there’s a brand new series that picks up after this so, you know, no one’s every really gone!

This is a must-read for Doctor aphra fans who wonder about her regrets, her fears, and how far she’ll go to try to do her best. Even if her best is simply letting go.

What was your favorite part?

  • Sal P.

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