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The Best Star Wars Podcasts on Spotify!

There are a LOT of Star Wars Podcasts out there.

So which ones are the best? Most informative? Mention Geode the most?

Honestly, I don’t know about all that but here’s my personal list of favorites and why you might like them!

In general, I enjoy podcasts that have an nice balance of fun chemistry and hosts, informative content, and unique and diverse viewpoints! So without further ado:

Rogue Rebels Podcast

You can’t be mad that I believe there are many reasons to listen to our podcast. We cover everything out there! From movies, to shows, to comics, and books we kinda do it all. We have a unique family point of view and LOTS of friends who join us for all kinds of episodes! We are fun, family friendly, and most importantly genuine!

That’s it. That’s the pitch.

Star Wars Geek Girl

My daughter’s show is a wonderful podcast from the point of view from two teenage girls who cosplay Sabine! Well… they’re both in college now so they almost aren’t teens anymore but they do love Star Wars! They talk about all kinds of things and have fun doing it! Look I’m biased but it’s a great show with a great theme song.

Sistas with Sabers

A podcast made for and by Black female fans! I’m all about listening to that unique perspective and learning about Star Wars from a different point of view! I love the fact that they lift each other up and share their experiences with all of us!

NOT family friendly but a damn good time.

Blue Harvest: A Star Wars Podcast

All the Boba Fett and raccoon loving talk from two buddies who unite every week to talk Star Wars! I love listening to these super fun and laid back conversations about pretty much everything in Star Wars.

NOT family friendly but some episodes have me screaming!

The Canto Bight Dispatch: A Star Wars Podcast

A weekly Star Wars podcast hosted by Brittani and Emily! They cover Star Wars of course but usually surprise me with whatever else they are into that week! Lately I have been LOVING their Gossip Girl talk! They also talk other things like Marvel and whatever else if out there but I just love their energy and honesty.

NOT family friendly but the best chemistry.

Lousy Beautiful Town: A Star Wars Podcast

This podcast is self described as “A Star Wars podcast by Abby and Jess, two marginalized women screaming about Star Wars.” I really can’t do any better than that. I just love listening and laughing along but there are a lot of great insights here.

NOT family friendly but some of the most glorious rants you will ever lay ears on.

Geeky Bubble Podcast

This one used to be called Rebels Chat and was Johnamarie Macias talking about Star Wars Rebels with her mom! The BEAUTIFUL PURE ENJOYMENT and family love is my favorite part of listening to this show. The show went on to cover Star Wars Resistance, The Clone Wars, and The Mandalorian so I’m looking forward to the next batch of shows!

The Sith List

This one goes a bit beyond Star Wars but if you love all things nerdy this might be a good one for you! In addition to Star Wars, they talk Marvel, DC, HBO shows, and pretty much cover most fandoms. A great listen of multi cultural voices that can even keep my attention when they aren’t talking Star Wars!

Just watch out for those Nah-Boos…


The Bad Motivators: A Malfunctioning Star Wars Podcast

Three dudes talking about everything Star Wars and what toys they are looking for. I love the laid back vibe and sharp comebacks. These dudes rock. Check out this show for some easy chill Star Wars talk!

And if you happen to love Taylor Swift then you’ll get some extra enjoyment…

Imperial Senate Podcast

Charles, Nicky, and Claire have a fun energy with lots of jokes, laughs, and meme enjoyment that makes them a super fun listen.

Lattes With Leia

One of my favorite listens where Amy Ratcliife and Dr. Andrea Letamendi take a look at some of the themes, characters, and analyze things in that galaxy far, far away. While unfortunately the podcast has been ended there are 50 great episodes that give some beautiful insight to enjoy.

The Pop Culture Hour

This one gets a pass because the hosts are good fun, even when they aren’t talking Star Wars! Like The Sith List, they cover all things geeky and for some reason Johnny’s DiCaprio love is endearing. I don’t know if that says more about him or me… Enjoy!

Steele Wars

Steele Saunders will podcast about anything and everything in that chase for #content. Lots of laughs and fun no matter what it is you enjoy about Star Wars. Lots of roundtable discussions and interviews so just dig in and take your pick!

Star Wars Explained

One of my favorite YouTube channels I love how informative this show is! Usually the podcast episodes answer audience questions and things like that but even if I know the answer, it’s still really cool to hear Alex and Molly and the connections they make! Like the title says, this podcast explains stuff!

The Rexin Around Show: A Star Wars Podcast

Clone loving bois who dive into chaos energy with reckless abandon. Definitely a blast to hang with and for me, lots of fun to hear on their show, Which is also on YouTube!

Star Wars: From A Certain Point Of View: The Empire Strikes Back

An honorable mention here goes to this series by Del Rey that dives into each of the short stories with their authors! If you enjoyed the book like I did (My review here!!) you might enjoy listening!

Do you have your own favorite Star Wars podcasts? Comment or share your suggestions!

Enjoy and subscribe to the Rogue Rebels Podcast!

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