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Star Wars: Yoda’s Secret War Comic Series Moments!

Did you know Yoda had a whole secret war? Kenobi did! In this comic arc from the Star Wars (2015) series Luke Skywalker reads another story in Ben’s journal. Oh, also R2 and 3PO seem to be in danger which is never good…


Big Scary Jedi

Kenobi’s intro into Yoda’s story is so solid Luke gets a mental picture immediately. In 3 years he’ll find that size matters not but for now, he’s pretty impressed.

I imagine he’s picturing Dolph Lungdren.


A few quick panels of Kenobi writing in his journal just looks really cool. Accessories from that awesome mythos statue all floating around!

R2 Solo Mission

So with 3PO captured by SCAR Squad and the rebels unable to risk staging a rescue it’s up to R2 himself to save his bestie.

Whether anyone will help him or not.

Yoda of the Flies

Following the call of the Force to a mysterious planet Yoda finds… kids. A planet of kids. Who are at war with more kids.


Kenobi’s art of one of those kids’ tattoos is all Luke needs to figure it out.

To the Vagadarr system!


Ok but the second tribe of kids is significantly more metal than the first.

Moving Mountains

When the blue mountains are revealed to be living beings Yoda doesn’t have a choice on picking on someone his own size.

Return of the Jedi

Years later Luke returns to the planet to help finish Yoda’s mission. It’s not exactly a walk in the park but hey, our Skywalker still has much to learn.

Bash and Leia

The story from Kelly Thompson finds our favorite princess injured undercover. Pash, a girl who isn’t very sympathetic to the Rebellion… or the Empire finds her and has to decide whether to help her… or not.

Sleeveless Homie

Pash rips off the sleeves of Han’s clothes she borrows.

Hell yeah.

What They Grow Beyond

Jason Aaron’s story takes a nice breath here in these stories. We definitely get away from most of the usual crowd here. A bit of a break for what’s been a wild ride thus far, and a cool extra Jedi story! Yoda guys! Yoda! Larroca’s art remains a strange mix of photorealistic faces (that I can usually remember from actual photos) and much simpler surroundings.

Kelly Thompson’ story from the Star Wars Annual #2 is one of my favorite comics of ALL TIME! Emily Laiso’s art is wonderful and fits the energy of the story perfectly!

This all leads up into the next big crossover! Screaming Citadel! See ya soon!

  • Sal P.

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