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Rogue Rebels Costume Journey: Quinlan Vos, Part 1

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

I was just a young guy who liked Star Wars. I loved the movies and I had read every novel and comic they put out. By the time Revenge of the Sith came along I had fallen behind the comics and books a bit. Upon catching up on the Star Wars: Republic line I found him.

Or he found me…

Jedi Master Quinlan Vos.


A Jedi who looked like me!

He became my Halloween costume for the next 5 or so years. (Replacing the Crow)



This was before I knew of the Saber Guild, Rebel Legion, or any of the clubs.

I just wanted to be an awesome Jedi for Halloween. So in this way I kind of put this costume together differently than I would later costumes.

WARNING: This is also an early costume that I have very few photos of the actual build.


My untrained eye simply put together the easiest things I could manage to get that sleeveless Vos look.


I got some black Dickies and a black muscle shirt.

Upon one of my trading trips to Phat Collectibles (like the OLD one at Beach and Ball) to trade in Lizzy’s Galactic Heroes doubles for more Galactic Heroes I found something else to use my store credit for.

A Jedi belt.

My first Jedi belt came from a toy store.


It must have been the will of the Force.

Bought some black boots that would work. Used black hand wraps and a white shoelace to tie my hair. But I wanted a Jedi cloak. So I bought a pattern and Liz said she could sew it for me. I bought some fabric and she followed the pattern and voila (pronounced VI-OH-LUH.) I had a robe! I was able to sew up four rectangle tabbards to attach to my pants. As I knew nothing of Obis of course.

And that was the limit of what I thought was possible. I had no clue how to make armor or anything like that so I was basically just a found items Vos. I bought the Build a Lightsaber set to try to make a saber that was reminiscent of Vos and more importantly NOT a standard Luke/Anakin/Obi-Wan/Yoda/Maul saber.

So I was as Vos as I would ever be.

Or so I thought.

Then I found Saber Guild. Or they found me.

Or however history remembers this story.

It was then I found out that my Halloween costume could be so much more.

Making it Real

Sewed up some accurate lines in the shirt. Got some better fabric for the new tabbards and Obi. Bought white hand wraps and dyed and weathered them. Sewed up 2 sets of tabbards and obi for 2 different versions.

Through the costuming clubs I found someone who could make the armor for me. Ended up with a nice leather chest piece. that would complete the costume.


At the time I was unable to find a perfect lightsaber so I ended up building my own approximation from some Custom Saber Shop pieces. All that said and done Quinlan Vos was now official.

IMG_20130719_130803 (2).jpg

I soon got Vos approved with the Rebel Legion as well and this was the beginning of my many adventures since…



Eventually I would replace the flat shoulder armor with something a bit more dimensional and accurate out of foam. My first foray into foam and heat shaping. It holds up.



I also replaced the foam forearm piece with a plastic guard that a friend helped me with.



I just got a new set of grey wraps… which does NOT make Vos a grey Jedi by the way.

I also changed out the dickies for some more fitted stretchy pants that moved better. I’d lose the heavy short boots and upgrade (?) to some cheap ladies boots I found at shoe city with more authentic straps and height.

I’d also upgrade my lightsaber once Saber Forge released their Exile which was way more accurate to the Vos look.


One of my favorite characters and I LOVE trooping as Quinlan!

SG Vos front

But there’s always room for more Vos…. See you next time!!




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