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Star Wars: The Scourging of Shu-Torun Favorite Comic Series Moments!

Leia returns to the Alliance fleet with a plan to bring Shu-Torun and Queen Trios to their knees. But if the Rebels need to fight through hell itself, they’ll need warriors who have already fought through an apocalypse.

Kieron Gillen finishes his Star Wars run with a bang in this arc. The art by both Andrea Broccardo and Angel Unzueta is great and has the expressiveness a story like this needs.


Luc Swordswinger

The plan requires a shapeshifter to the rebels seek out Tunga Arpagion once again! Tunga has taken his adventures to the stage and we find him performing his treasonous space opera while changing the names for legal reasons

The Dream

Leia seeks out the Partisans once again. Her plea is compelling and Benthic agrees.

Two Weeks

On Shu-Torun, incoming travelers arrive! They seem a bit strange though and answer the standard questions oddly. Turns out the Cult of the Central Isopter has followed the tremors of the Force to witness death.

Meta Gear 3PO

C-3PO gets a disguise to accompany Tunga on their undercover mission!

The Spike

The centerpiece of the Shu-Torun mining operations is The Spike. Which makes it the target of Leia’s operation. If they bring down the spike, the rest of the planet will fall. Benthic however is willing to take things a step further in the name of Jedha.

Whatever it Takes

Benthic wants the empire to suffer as Jedha suffered. If he has his way the planet will be torn apart.

Queen’s Peril

Queen Trios knows that it is Princess Leia behind the attack. She also knows what a cunning enemy Leia will do whatever it takes to stop her and save her planet.

To the Pain

Leia and Trios face off as the world crumbles around them.

Until We Reach the Last Edge

Han and Benthic share a moment remembering their brief meeting years ago and everything that has changed since.

Save the Dream

This arc is action packed with your usual Star Wars moments. It’s also a deeper look into the rebels and why they fight. And how far they are willing to go.

This comic arc is a must-read for Leia fans and fans of Rogue One. The tone, style, and questions it raises give us some great food for thought.

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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