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Rogue Rebels Costume Journey: Kanan Jarrus, Part 4

Before we get started this will not be a haircut journey.


I’m very attached to my hairs thank you.

While my love for the character and his journey is great,  I will simply continue to portray the many days before this one…

This time I’ll get into some of the cool accessories I have added to my costumes.

I already covered the custom Stormtrooper helmet from the Season 2 episode “The Call”.

I recently had that costume approved in both Saber Guild and The Rebel Legion! While I can’t actually fight in this helmet, (my movement is pretty limited the way the helmet and my collar armor hits) it is super fun to troop around in as this was definitely my first bucket style trooping option!


There has been another item I’ve been searching for for a few years. It’s definitely something beyond my abilities to make and unfortunately, unlike the stormtrooper helmet, this is much less common. In “Twilight of the Apprentice” On Malachor Kanan acquires a cool ancient Jedi Temple Guard Mask.


I’ve been on the lookout for one of these since the end of Season 2. Usually, I would find one that didn’t look that great or looked really good but was only a “mask” version. Probably one created for the Clone Wars hooded version where you couldn’t see the earcaps and stuff like that.



Well… When I found the Props Foundry version I knew my search was over.

Props Foundry temple Guard.jpg

The design is clean and beautiful. It’s very slim and almost form fits onto the sides of my face so I really like that that makes the dimensions work well with the rest of my costume.

So my wife blessed me with this (WHICH WAS AN AWESOME VALENTINES DAY GIFT.) and I got started right away.

It All Starts With References.

I mean, I had collected plenty of references as I knew I would be putting this together one day. But with the entire rest of the costume done I pretty much just focused on the mask!

Malachor mask

I knew I was going to go with the super weathered Kanan version so I wouldn’t need the Gold Metallic finish.

The Build

Once I received the mask it was already trimmed, finished, and primed wonderfully. So basically, all I had to do was paint and strapping! They offer a strap with rivets which is cool but I didn’t want to have the rivets seen since I wouldn’t have the hood up in my version.

Basically, I grabbed white, black, and 3 different greys and went to town on it. After sanding it out and cleaning it up with steel wool (my go-to weathering technique) I wasn’t quite happy with it.


Turns out, just weathering it like I do everything else kinda muddled up the beautiful details on this thing and blended it all together.

So I went back and decided to hand paint on the weathering to really bring out the detail on the mask. Not my usual deal but in this case, it really highlighted the beauty of this piece.


Once I attached the strapping it came together perfectly. I really dig that this mask has such a striking profile. Sometimes the temple guards can look a little flat but this piece is so dimensional!


“You Had Your Chance.”

I already had the rest of the costume but this final piece was just what I had been searching for.

Photo by: Mike Longo

I got this mask approved to use in both Saber Guild and Rebel Legion. The cool thing is that I can actually fight in this one! Once again thanks to Props Foundry for sculpting such a nice mask!

I’ve journeyed so far with this character. From beginning to end, Spark of Rebellion to Jedi Night, The Last Padawan to A New Dawn, Kanan is very special to me and my family and I will continue to do my best to honor him every time I step into his shoes.

Photo by: Mike Longo

“It’s over.”

-Kanan Jarrus



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