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Star Wars: Rogues and Rebels Favorite Comic Series Moments!

Poncho Luke returns as Rebels plans go awry! Vader himself makes an appearance and our heroes must change up their plans to live to fight another day! The last arc of the 2015-2019 volume of Star Wars takes us up to The Empire Strikes Back and the story from Empire Ascendant gives us Shara and Kes at Echo base!

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Ep 6: FN-2018… and 2019…

On this episode of Rogue Rebels Pod… … we wrap up our 2018 and all the great Star Wars things we enjoyed! We joined K2 to discover Secrets of the Empire, we watched the liberation of Lothal, partied at Galactic Nights, Watched Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars Resistance, Our Star Wars Stories, Women… Continue reading Ep 6: FN-2018… and 2019…

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Star Wars Geek Girl 123: 2019 New Years Show

On Episode 123… The Sabines talk about the massive amount of Star Wars we are looking ahead to this year! You can see the show notes up at You can find the podcast on iTunes as well so please subscribe and review! Check out their FB page here @SWGeekGirl on twitter Follow the Rogue Rebels EVERYWHERE!