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Star Wars: Rebels and Rogues Favorite Comic Series Moments!

As the Empire scours the galaxy for the rebel base, our heroes split up to slow them down any way they can. Things start to feel familiar as we move closer and closer to the events of The Empire Strikes Back.

Greg Pak does a great job with each of the storylines and I am always here for more Phil Noto art! Things start to feel very familiar as events start to fall into place.

Also: Poncho Luke.


General Rieeken

Speaking of familiar it’s good ol’ Rieekan! Rieekan’s plan is to send our heroes out on three missions to distract the Empire from discovering the rebel base hidden away on Hoth! Now that the Empire has started dispatching thousands of probe droids they need all the diversions they can get!

2049 Style

Leia and Han’s mission takes them to a world where they get to be a bit more fashionable!

Sunglasses at night and everything!

Leia’s Old Friend

On that planet we meet Dar Champion who has a history with our rebel princess! Which of course gets Han all defensive…

I guess it doesn’t help that Champion is definitely that guy she tells you not to worry about. He’s politically powerful, skilled in hand to hand combat, and has nice clothes…

Threat detected…

3PO Gets Introspective

3PO’s Johnny 5 moment.

3PO is alive.

Life Finds a Way

Chewie and 3PO are tasked with leading the Empire to an unstable world they can blow up!

The plan hits a snag once they find that the world is inhabited…

More High Fashion

A little less 2049 and a little more renaissance.


Luke meets Warpa Calip. A sneaky woman who seems to have more knowledge of the Force than she lets on. Eventually we find out she’s from Jedha and lived near the Temple of the Kyber. She’s an interesting character I hope we see more of but I suppose only time will tell…

Save the Dream

The characters splitting up makes for some great opportunities for them to each experience something unique. I especially enjoyed 3PO and Chewbacca’s story because they are usually secondary characters in whatever the main story is. Luke’s story pulling him further down his Jedi path also has some very introspective moments.

This comic arc (and the next one) is a must-read for fans of the Original Trilogy who are curious about the events leading into The Empire Strikes Back!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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