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Star Wars: Princess Leia Comic Series Moments!

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Set immediately after the Battle of Yavin, Star Wars: Princess Leia follows our favorite princess’ adventures after losing her home planet. The story is well done and I LOVE the Dodsons’ art style! There are some great locations and lots of excuses for Leia to punch people!

… And blaster people, and knee people, and generally take no shaak sh*t.

I also really like the way Leia has to really weigh her loyalties and duties. As a leader in the Alliance and as the last Princess of Alderaan.


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The Medal Ceremony

Unlike the final minutes of a Star Wars film, we get to hear a few of Leia’s words at this moment to breathe before the evacuation begins. It’s a celebration but also a remembrance for Alderaan.

It had been a day for our princess.

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I Hate Packing Too

Ackbar is yelling at the movers trying to get Home One loaded quickly I guess.

To be fair evacuations are stressful.

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Say What Now?

Sometimes being a leader ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Leia happens upon some pilots wrapped up in some chatter about her recent speeches.


In classic Leia fashion, she is never one to shy away from confrontation…

One of my favorite meet-cutes.

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Tiny Leia Training

Leia remembers some of her younger days on Alderaan. The lessons from Bail, some hand to hand training, and where her duty lies.

The scenes are wonderful but you know me.

I’m all about Leia weapons training.

Screenshot_20200805-221810_Marvel Comics.jpg


As Leia and Evaan travel the galaxy, Leia has a strange feeling as she encounters a stained glass depiction of a Naboo queen…

Almost as if there is some sort of connection…

Screenshot_20200805-221914_Marvel Comics.jpg


On Sullust in an effort to rescue Alderaanian refugees Leia and her crew are able to enlist the help of giant tunneling creatures which bring much chaos!


Screenshot_20200805-221952_Marvel Comics.jpg

Nien Nunb

My favorite copilot Nien makes an appearance!

Please bless us with the Nien Nunb Disney+ series okay thank you.

Screenshot_20200805-222042_Marvel Comics.jpg

Even in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Discrimination is no stranger to those even in the Star Wars galaxy. I love it when some of the difficult subjects in our world are addressed through the lens of this galaxy. It’s enlightening and sad all at the same time.

Screenshot_20200805-223241_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Princess

Leia makes one of her best speeches in this series. She speaks from the heart to her people. A symbol and example of what real leadership looks like.

Screenshot_20200805-222106_Marvel Comics.jpg

Alderaan Survives

There are some wonderful moments in this series and I love the introduction of Evaan and Leia’s loyalties to the refugees of Alderaan. It’s been a while and so far Evaan has only really appeared in Aftermath: Life Debt but I still hold out hope to see more of her in future Star Wars stories. Leia’s new costumes are awesome and I’m happy to see them become nice and iconic and showing up in Battlefront II!

It’s definitely worth a read and I love going back to some of these earlier series’ after many more stories have been told to connect the dots!

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