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Star Wars: Operation Starlight Comic Series Moments!

Star Wars (2020) continues as our heroes try to assemble the rebel fleet after the Battle of Hoth! Charles Soule gives us all kinds of great Star Wars-y adventure, overzealous Imperials, plenty of space battles, and LOTS of High Republic references!

The art is solid throughout. Both artists give the stories their own individual feel which adds to their unique tone.



Fans of Tarkin will recognize both the Carrion Plateau and the Carrion Spike as Wilhuff puts his would be mentees through the same trials he faced long ago… (See: Tarkin by James Luceno)

Burniam Ain’t no Eye…

This mob boss kinda guy is all about The High Republic! From a name seemingly inspired by Marchion Ro he is trying to carve out a super cool PR vision for himself!

Hope it works out for him! Going viral is hard!

Death or Renown

As more of Zahra’s story comes to light we find her trajectory was not always up. Vader gives her an opportunity to pick up where Tarkin left off. Which is a bit of a double edged sword…


Officer Armor

In this comic: No Veers.


Some pretty cool officer armor with a sword and everything!

In Star Wars, swords are somehow the most metal thing ever.

Among Us

Look, maybe I’ve just been winning a lot by sabotaging the oxygen but this reminded me very much of an Among Us moment.

“No Ticket.”

Luke kicks in the door, badass new saber lit, with a solid one liner.

Look at the pile of busted stormtroopers!


Our pathfinders and Lando go on a sneaking mission to Coruscant!

Still kind of a weird look with Lobot and his “hair.”

Warranty Expired

So this super old droid who happens to know a dead language is hella corrupted! I also like that 3PO seems to think the main reason the droids were obsolete is because of their manners!

Ah 3PO… Never change…

Starlight Squadron

Leia puts together a squadron for the mission to the rest of the fleet and I love the familiar faces!! Wedge obviously is the star of the cameos. We also have L’ulo and Shara who are lovely characters in their own right but also give us quite the Poe connection. Evaan Verlaine, Alderaanian survivor and her unique relationship with Leia is another welcome face. And last but certainly NOT least is my boy Mart Mattin who was the pilot of Iron Squadron and even helped out at the liberation of Lothal!


These precious moments are so far between throughout all the faster and more intense space fantasy adventure things it’s nice to see them when we get them.

For Lobot

As the rebels use Lobot to help interface with the ancient droid, Lobot’s cybernetics start to overload. Lando jumps in to protect his friend but not everyone is willing to let the mission go. Definitely a conflict of interest.

Bright Suns

This particular line is shaping up to be wonderfully intriguing! I’m loving watching the relationship between Lando and the Alliance grow. Luke’s path starts to diverge more towards the Force as Leia’s focus remains on the Alliance and the war. Charles Soule continues his streak of bringing us Star Wars greatness and even sneaks in some wonderfully timely High Republic easter eggs!

  • Sal P.

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