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Star Wars: Shattered Empire Comic Series Moments!

“What do we do now that it’s Over?” – Kes Dameron

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Back in 2015…

when we were hungrily awaiting our first steps beyond Return of the Jedi, Marvel released the comic series Star Wars: Shattered Empire as their contribution to The Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens publishing program. This series written by Greg Rucka takes place soon after Episode VI.

The art and story make this one of my favorite comics! we follow Shara Bey and Kes Dameron from the final moments of the Battle of Endor to their adventures during Operation Cinder.

With us so close to the end of the Skywalker Saga, I’d like to go back and revisit this story with fresh eyes.


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1. Runaway Lambda Class Shuttle

Piloting her A-Wing as part of Green Squadron during the Battle of Endor, Shara Bey almost attacks a shuttle escaping the Death Star. Fortunately, she realizes that Commander Skywalker is aboard and escorts him safely to Endor.

Screenshot_20191015-080044_Marvel Comics.jpg

2. The Yub Nub Bash

As Shara joins the festivities in search of her husband, there’s lots of wonderful party chatter including my favorite:

“…is this? I don’t know what I’m eating. I’ll have another…”

Screenshot_20191015-080441_Marvel Comics.jpg

3. The Messenger

Before Battlefront II this was our first look at the Emperors Messenger. It was here we would begin to see the emperor’s contingency plan begin to take shape.

Screenshot_20191015-080624_Marvel Comics.jpg

4. Your Boy?

After the battle on Sterdic IV, Green Leader L’ulo L’ampar (who is also a main character in the Poe Dameron comic series) asks about Shara’s family. While Kes is still running missions with Solo and the Pathfinders she has spoken with Poe recently.

Her son.

Lil’ Poe.

Screenshot_20191015-080813_Marvel Comics.jpg

5. The Duties of Our Princess

Shara ends up piloting Leia Organa to Naboo and joining Queen Soruna in defending Naboo from the destruction of Operation Cinder. On the way, however, Shara sees Leia writing letters to notify loved ones of fallen Rebels. Leia says her parents taught her that “some things need a personal touch.” The Princess gives what she can to those who gave their lives for the cause.

Screenshot_20191015-081124_Marvel Comics.jpg

6. The Cold

As Queen Suruna takes Leia and Shara down to the decommissioned hangar withing Theed Palace Leia senses something. Not only is this moment amazingly cool but then they all pilot N-1 starfighters… so also cool.

Screenshot_20191015-081314_Marvel Comics.jpg

7. The Mellcrawler II

As a big Nien Nunb fan, I was happy to see he acquired a new ship after the events of Star Wars: Moving Target. Also, Lando is his copilot.


Screenshot_20191015-081652_Marvel Comics.jpg

8. The Tree on Vetine

Shara joins Luke Skywalker on a mission to recover two branches, which are all that remain from the Great Tree that once grew at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. While they go on the mission in disguise they are soon found out and Skywalker ignites the green and they battle their way out. After the battle, Shara tells Luke of her thoughts of leaving the Alliance and having a life with her family. Skywalker reminds her of what they are all fighting for. “If the cost of our struggle is the lives we fought to protect, the future we hoped to see… Then what is it we’re fighting for?” Then he offers her one of the trees.

Screenshot_20191015-081920_Marvel Comics.jpg

9. A Good Home

Shara Bey and Kes Dameron plant the tree at their new home.

Yavin IV.

Where they raise Poe.

Screenshot_20191015-081400_Marvel Comics.jpg

Bits and Pieces

The story of Poe’s parents is beautifully drawn, well written, and gives us a lovely story of where Poe came from. There are many more things in this series I enjoyed like Corona Squadron, that missing rectenna, Endor fireworks, The Wretch of Tayron, Burninn Konn, Mustering Out, everything about Naboo, Commander Beck, Jedi bodyguard, and R2-D2 holding the lightsaber!

– Sal P.

“It’s past time that you and your family got to live the lives you’ve been fighting for.”

– L’ulo L’ampar

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