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Poe Dameron: Black Squadron Comic Series Moments!

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The man. The myth. The Poe.

Back in 2016, we got our comic start in the “Age of Resistance” era with Marvel’s Poe Dameron series. As we edge closer to the end of the Skywalker Saga I’ve been going back to the sequel era content and taking a look at it with fresh eyes. The first arc in the Poe Dameron series has 2 storylines in it. Black Squadron, where Poe and his handpicked squadron head to investigate the last known sighting of Lor San Tekka and Lockdown, where they follow the trail to the prison world of Megalox Beta.

The storyline is pretty straightforward and as always Phil Noto delivers stellar art. A few things are introduced here that will become series mainstays. One of those being the big bad Agent Terex. A First Order Security Bureau agent who is also after Tekka and the whereabouts of Skywalker. There are some pretty cool and crazy moments here so I’ll just dive into some of my favorites!


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1. General Organa

Of course, Leia’s appearances are the best thing ever, but here in this first arc is where the seeds of Dameron’s journey begin to take shape. Looking back now it’s clear the themes of leadership and heroics and inspiration that will really take center stage in The Last Jedi all start here.

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2. Black Squadron

Poe’s handpicked unit also gets much more development here than the few reaction shots they get in The Force Awakens. L’ulo who we were previously introduced to in Shattered Empire still flies an A-Wing. Snap and Jess who got a bit of screen time in TFA. And we are introduced to Karé Kun and Oddy Muva. Kun is an X-Wing pilot who is romantically involved with Snap. Oddy is the squadrons’ trusted mechanic! I love it when we get to learn more on background characters!

Screenshot_20191021-073340_Marvel Comics.jpg

3. The Crèche

Another small sect of believers the Crèche believes in the Force and has made it their purpose to guard a mysterious egg until it hatches and releases their savior. I dig the idea that Tekka traveled the galaxy communing with all manner of Force believers/wielders or whatever you want to call them.

Screenshot_20191021-073556_Marvel Comics.jpg

4. First Order Helicarrier

Nothing super crazy here. I just thought it was kinda cool that the First Order had this very SHIELD looking helicarrier thingie. They also utilize Jet Troopers here but not ones that look anything like the ones we’ve seen from The Rise of Skywalker.

Screenshot_20191021-092856_Marvel Comics.jpg

5. The Savior

So um… Spoilers. The egg hatches releases these two giant light and dark creatures that fight each other to the death and the victor flies away with the Crèche riding it.

I did NOT see that coming. I dig when Star Wars surprises me.

And gets weird.

Screenshot_20191021-093340_Marvel Comics.jpg

6. Mission to Megalox Beta

They follow the lead on Tekka to visit Grakkus on Megalox Beta. A really cool prison planet. They wear cool new outfits for this mission and I’m here for it. The prison itself is pretty crazy. It’s on a planet with 10x the standard gravity so prisoners can never escape and needs no guards. Crazy.

Screenshot_20191021-093033_Marvel Comics.jpg

7. Bargaining with the Hutts

So it’s cool to see Grakkus again and the other prison Hutts. I dig the mecha legs and Hutt buffness. Prison gang style.

Screenshot_20191021-073512_Marvel Comics.jpg

8. The Carrion Spike

Agent Terex shows up with his personal ship which is none other than the Carrion Spike. Seeing this ship again is always cool.

(See Tarkin for lots more on this.)

Screenshot_20191021-094014_Marvel Comics.jpg

9. Docking Bay 7

Speaking of Terex at one point he remarks about roasted Hutt. The other guy compares it to Shaak which I’ve eaten at Docking Bay 7…

Screenshot_20191021-093756_Marvel Comics.jpg

10. D-Squad Form Up

BB-8 leads an entire astromech force which totally reminds me of The Clone Wars D-Squad arc from season 5. They are pretty brutal.

Screenshot_20191021-093913_Marvel Comics.jpg

11. RIOT

A prison riot breaks out. Chaos ensues. I mean, it wouldn’t be a proper prison setting if it didn’t.

Screenshot_20191021-073214_Marvel Comics.jpg

Bits and Pieces

The art is good the story is fun but this series really starts to pick up steam towards the end. Once again it is refreshing to pick up a comic that focuses on other characters besides the main film heroes! As always there are more teeny things I dug like, talk of Jakku, Phasma, Grakkus himself, and the little mini BB-8 story where he helps two pilots find romance!

– Sal P.

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