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Star Wars: Captain Phasma Comic Series Moments!

“This is Captain Phasma recording notes on the final moments of Starkiller Base…” – Captain Phasma

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That was the first thing I thought when I first laid eyes on Captain Phasma. She was shiny. She had a cape.

And she was shiny.

Although her appearance in The Force Awakens was short, the characters’ look, and performance remained super interesting. As part of The Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, this comic series, written by Kelly Thompson, promised us the story of how Captain Phasma went from the garbage chute of Starkiller Base to her trailer shots for The Last Jedi! The story itself is well done and highlights Phasma’s cunning and mercilessness. I’m going to highlight a few of my personal favorite moments…


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1. Shiny Garbage

Soon after her last appearance in The Force Awakens we see Phasma stride out of the compactor. Starkiller Base is under attack and it’s unclear if she or the surrounding destruction blew open an escape route for her but in any case, she escapes her crushed fate.

Screenshot_20191016-121342_Marvel Comics.jpg

2. Destruction of Evidence

Phasma heads to a First Order data terminal and proceeds to wipe all evidence of her betrayal. She then double-checks to see if the data was accessed by anyone before it’s deletion.

It was.

By Lieutenant Sol Rivas.

Who now has the unfortunate destiny of being Captain Phasma’s target.

Screenshot_20191016-121543_Marvel Comics.jpg

3. Lightsabers

While chasing Rivas through the attack on Starkiller Base she sees Kylo Ren battling someone with lightsabers.

… And doesn’t stop to watch.

Screenshot_20191016-121624_Marvel Comics.jpg

4. I Need a Pilot

The chase takes to the skies and Phasma requisitions a pilot in her hunt for the traitor.

And a BB unit. Presumably evil.

Screenshot_20191016-121834_Marvel Comics.jpg

5. Disguised

The chase continues on the planet of Luprora where they decide that First Order presence may not be welcome. They find an abandoned dwelling and search it for clothes to blend in.

Then Phasma decided their names will be…

Captain and Pilot.

Screenshot_20191016-121926_Marvel Comics.jpg

6. Ph’asma the Linguist

In a nearby village, Phasma meets the Lupr’or. Phasma is quick at picking up languages as she did in Phasma. She is able to communicate with them and listen to their history.


Screenshot_20191016-122052_Marvel Comics.jpg

7. Captain

To acquire her target Phasma will need an army. She rallies the Lupr’or against the native inhabitants and leads.

Screenshot_20191016-122149_Marvel Comics.jpg

8. Faster Siv

While climbing the difficult terrain Phasma is reminded of surviving the elements as she did on Parnassos.

And memories of her life there as well.

Screenshot_20191016-122240_Marvel Comics.jpg

9. A New Army

Phasma and the Lupr’or attack the Tsw’ell stronghold and with the battle started, Phasma abandons the army to complete her true goal.

Screenshot_20191016-122313_Marvel Comics.jpg

10. False Confessions

With Rivas finally in her sights, she asks him about his betrayal on Starkiller Base.

Screenshot_20191016-122405_Marvel Comics.jpg

11. Nothing to Unravel

Before returning to the First Order Phasma ties up every loose end to ensure her secrets remain secrets.

Screenshot_20191016-122449_Marvel Comics.jpg

12. Return to Order

Phasma returns to the Finalizer and General Hux.

Screenshot_20191016-121435_Marvel Comics.jpg

Bits and Pieces

Picking up right after The Force Awakens this story shows Phasma in all her merciless, cunning, ambitious, and shiny glory.

– Sal P.

“I’m a survivor. No matter what the cost.”

– Captain Phasma

captain phasma comic

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