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Star Wars: Rebel Jail Comic Series Moments!

Following the events of Vader Down, our heroes are out so serve Doctor Aphra her justice!! But surprise… things go awry! Written by Jason Aaron, Leinil Yu’s art style really rocks. It’s sketchy but really captures a lot of expressions and energy! I love changing things up and the story is well told with some really cool layouts.

Jason Aaron and Mike Mayhew bring a super solid Kenobi tale! The art is beautifully illustrated and expressive.

Kieron Gillen and Angel Unzueta hit us with a thrilling spy tale set on Coruscant.


Ray. Eneb Ray.

The story introduces us to a sleeper agent on Coruscant on a mission! Not only is Eneb Ray kind of cool but we get a bit of info here on what happened to some of the senators of the Republic after the senate was dissolved. Neat!

His First Accident

Aww. Luke’s first T-16 accident! Owen is mad.

Ah, parental drama.

You Are My Sunshine

Leia and Sana bring their captured Doctor Aphra to Sunspot Prison. A prison by a sun is pretty metal.

Also, has anyone seen Sunshine?

Bounty Hunted

Han telling Luke he’s got it bad but oh no sir, Han isn’t the only one out there who needs to look over his shoulder.

Nerf Herders

After needing to recover from Han’s gambling losses, our heroes earn some extra credits!

… And become literal nerf herders.

Prison Break

So when the prison is overtaken by a mysterious attacker who starts freeing prisoners Leia and Aphra need a hand.

A very untrustworthy hand.

Paging Doctor Aphra!

Prison Breaker

The mastermind behind the attack taunts Leia and her merciful ways.

Looks like Saw Gerrera isn’t the only one who thinks the Alliance will lose if they keep fighting fair…

Ex Girlfriend Drama

Sana tells Leia about her history with the good doctor.

But Leia doesn’t get too ask too many questions.

This was the beginning of our window into the complicated dynamic magic of Sana and Aphra!

Which CONTINUES to be amazing as it unfolds (See many issues of Doctor Aphra for more!)


A Stormtrooper? With a lightsaber? That’s crazy y’all.

Y’all are crazy.

What Are We Fighting For?

There are a LOT of stories being told here! All of them are solid and deal with different issues. I love the Kenobi tale that gives us a much bigger window of his relationship with Owen. The Leia, Sana, and Aphra story was worth every second particularly to see them team up! I know that’s like a comic book trope but IT WAS REALLY COOL Y’ALL.

  • Sal P.

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