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Rogue Rebels Podcast 130: Queen’s Hope and Brotherhood with Bookhoarding Bianca!

Sal talks with special guest Bianca Hernandez-Knight about Queen’s Hope and Star Wars Brotherhood!

Padme and her himbo! Romance Heavy lifting! Star Wars moms! Kenobi sees all! Detective Kenobi on Cato Nemoidia! Anakin is so good at war! Neimoidans are not a monolith! Kenobi in the Chamber of Judgement!

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Star Wars: Rebel Jail Comic Series Moments!

Following the events of Vader Down, our heroes are out so serve Doctor Aphra her justice!! But surprise… things go awry! Written by Jason Aaron, Leinil Yu’s art style really rocks. It’s sketchy but really captures a lot of expressions and energy! I love changing things up and the story is well told with some… Continue reading Star Wars: Rebel Jail Comic Series Moments!