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Vader Down Crossover Comic Series Moments!

Marvel’s first Star Wars crossover stars our favorite Imperial Sith Lord crash landing and lightsaber swinging against heroes and villains alike. In addition to one of the most METAL Vader quotes ever, this story arc has everyone you know and love all trying to kill each other so that’s pretty much worth the price of admission itself! The story begins with a Vader Down one shot then jumps between the main Star Wars series, and the 2015 Darth Vader series.


Lots of X-Wings vs. One Sith Boi

The opening splash page of Vader arriving at Vrogas Vas face to face with a whole squadron is dope. The scene that follows is even doper. We know Vader is one helluva pilot and much like “The Siege of Lothal” here’s another chance to prove it. I love the art in this issue and the scene plays out like you’d think until things get out of hand and NOW THERE ARE TWO SKYWALKERS.

You know… but only we know that…

Jedi Patience

Luke Skywalker is here searching for some more Jedi secrets. Unfortunately his attention is kinda divided what with all the “deadly Sith Lord dude who is fully bringing the ruckus to Vrogas Vas” situation going down at the moment so we don’t really uncover much Jedi lore.

It is just really cool to see some Jedi ruins though…

Vader is So METAL.

Everyone is so excited that Vader is down that they kinda forget they are not ready to deal with Vader down. At one point Rebels surround the dark lord and ask for his surrender.

This is his response.

So metal dude.

Protocol Shenanigans

Triple Zero gets repainted gold to sneak close enough to Luke to zap him with his murder hand! Bonus: basically a red eye 3PO preview for what we’d get later in The Rise of Skywalker. In any case Trip and Aphra make this comic a lot of fun.

Let the Wookiee Win

I guess Triple Zero didn’t hear that one. Chewie gets some arm ripping done in this story.

The indignity.


Here’s the face off we didn’t know we needed. Both with the fast blasting and quick quipping.

Removing Those Upgrades

Vader faces off with the cyborg Karbin in a lightsaber duel.

Bad move Karbin.

Overconfident with those 4 sabers until Vader starts removing them one by one. Sometimes it ain’t about that load-out.

Leia’s Left Hook

No one is safe.


She continuously crumples people with that fist.

Vrogas Vas Chaos

This story brings everyone we’ve been following in the comics together for a grand face off. The only thing I can compare it to is like, a really good wrestling match where all your favorites step in! We get our usual heroes plus lots of the new faces we’ve met in the comics. This is when Aphra first runs across Luke, Leia, and Han. Droids versus droids, wookiees versus wookiees, sabers versus sabers! This arc has it all. It’s also just really fun when the separate comic lines meet up and do the whole crossover thing. I hope it’s something they keep doing as the comic series’ keep moving throughout the timeline. I’d love to see a Clone Wars era crossover or a Resistance crossover.

Or who knows. Maybe even a High Republic crossover? Fingers crossed.

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