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Star Wars: Screaming Citadel Comic Crossover Moments!

Screaming Citadel just sounds metal.

I was looking forward to this crossover after enjoying Vader Down (click here for more) the previous year. I mean, where’s the fun in having two comic lines run concurrently and never meet? Crossovers are fun, you get favorite face offs, awkward team ups, and buckets of witty quips!

Screaming Citadel puts Doctor Aphra and Luke, Han, and Leia all up in Ktath’atn’s most legit haunted house. The horror movie tropes are generous and all our favorite characters are dropped in the spookiest danger!


From Dusk Till Dawn

A farmboy and a rogue archaeologist walk into a cantina…

I forgot the rest but basically they start a brawl, seem outnumbered, and then their wookiee buddy comes in and they wreck the whole place.

The Others

To impress the Queen of Ktath’atn Luke needs a makeover. He doesn’t seem to know how to tie a spavat.

I don’t know what that means.

Once again Marco Checchetto does amazing art for this particular issue.

What We Do in the Shadows

The Queen and her entourage all come straight out of the coolest goth club this side of the 90s. There’s even a line and a cover charge!

I bet the soundscape in her castle kriffing slaps.

Army of Darkness

Surprise! There’s an army of the undead to stop you from escaping! That two headed ithorian is giving me life.


Triple Zero gets to live out a his dreams when our heroes need to fight fire with fire… Or giant armored Bombinax dudes with leveled up wookiee arena warrior. 000 does his mad scientist thing to super charge Black Krrsantan with the Abersyn symbiotes.

Things get messy.

The Howling

Real messy.

Puppet Master

Speaking of symbiotes, the Abersyn symbiotes are part of a hive that the queen controls and manipulates and draws life force from I think?

In any case there’s always that one person on your team that gets bitten…

Stir of Echoes

Aphra gets to communicate with the Immortal Rur of the ancient Ordu Aspectu. Or his personality imprint or something that lives in this crystal? In any case she has access to ancient wisdom.

Dream Warriors

Luke is the only being strong enough to challenge the Queens control over the hive. They have kind of a psychic battle which is way cooler than I’m making it sound. Luke even gets a little help from an ancient immortal Jedi heretic personality thingie!

Drag Me to Hell

All of the horror tropes the writers (Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen) managed to weave into this story made it super fun for me! They were able to take all that energy and really run with it in the best way. There are definitely some parts that might seem a bit silly but hey, that’s how horror movies work! This crossover might not be a favorite for everyone, but it’s a must-read if you happen to enjoy horror flicks!

  • Sal P.

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