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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Audio Drama Review!

“Revenge is one hell of a motivator.”

– Doctor Aphra

Everyone’s favorite “rogue archaeologist” is given a voice! This audio drama of Doctor Aphra’s adventures is a wonderful way to dive back into her story or meet her again for the first time! The full cast and audio production is above and beyond as per usual… I mean, what even is a non Star War anyway… Aphra and her cohorts burst off the comic pages imbued with that unique Aphra energy that’s made her comic book adventures so fun!


Hot Mess

This should absolutely be no surprise to anyone familiar with Aphra but she is like, full on chaos incarnate. She is witty, glib, fearless, and cunning all at once.

Emily Woo Zeller captures all of that and gives her an amazing voice. The range she brings to Aphra is all done remarkably well and I love the life she is able to give to Doctor Aphra. While most of the story is familiar to readers of the 2015 Darth Vader run, the introspection and new content Sarah Kuhn was able to bring to the table breathes fresh new life into the story. Between these two talents Doctor Aphra is given new life and a voice and

I. Am. Here. For. It.

Audio Transmission

Since this is a fully produced audio drama with all the frills, music, sound effects, a full cast, and pewpews it’s no surprise it’s straight up top tier Star Wars quality.

*Chef’s Kiss.gif*

The cast all brings each character through. In particular Triple Zero, Darth Vader, and Sana Starros really get to shine here. While we’ve all heard Vader it’s nice to finally hear some other new voices come to life! I was a fan of Dooku: Jedi Lost and I hope audio dramas continue to be a thing Star Wars gives us! I will say that the more linear story of Aphra was a lot easier to follow than the flashbacks and time jumps of Jedi Lost.

Mushy Stuff

Some of the most enjoyable new scenes involve the romance between Aphra and Sana Starros (another character who is familiar to fans of the comics given her voice by Nicole Lewis.) The scenes are cute and quirky as anything with Aphra should be. I love the way it frames Aphra that’s so different from the heartless, selfish, glib rogue we all know and love.

Or love to hate… you know.


Scum and Villainy

In addition to Aphra and Vader, a menagerie of miscreants (I have to have heard that somewhere, I barely know those words…) populate the story here. There are Grand Generals, murder droids, an ex mortician, a Wookiee cage fighter/bounty hunter, Cyborg Sith wannabees, Hutt crime lords, and even the Emperor himself! While the cast is big it’s pretty easy to tell them all apart and the story doesn’t get muddled at all, especially if you’re familiar with the comics. Speaking of the comics, the great thing is the scenes are very easy to visualize if you have read them It’s like seeing a familiar story through new eyes!

… Or ears.

Bits and Pieces

Aphra is such a fun character that her stories are really difficult NOT to enjoy. This audio drama is a must listen for any Aphra fan and definitely provides plenty of fresh content for a retelling! If you like quirky, crazy, and weird Star Wars this should hit a 2-meter bullseye with a proton torpedo!

– Sal P.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra is available now!



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