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Crimson Reign Favorite Moments!

Now that Crimson Dawn has made their move, Qi’ra leads the crime syndicate towards its goals and expands its reach across the galaxy.

Spies across the stars! Long lost Jedi! Mission to Fortress Vader! Return of the Ren!

Charles Soule dives into many of the Crimson Dawn characters and takes a deeper dive into their pasts, motivations, and what drives them as Qi’ra’s plans unfold…


Big Shot Gangster Putting Together a Crew

After the Big Auction (TM), Qi’ra assembles her allies for a nice little pep rally! Some familiar faces here and once the series gets going we get a lot more backstory for many of them!

The Lawless

Crimson Dawn begins to cement its place within the syndicates.

Assassin’s Creed

Some of Qi’ra’s philosophies on life and death.

Red Dead

A really badass assassination of a whole squad of these Royal Guards! Palpy is like “Who dares?”

Lost and Found

Qi’ra meets Cadeliah and informs her of her birthright and I’m still captivated by where this will go. If you don’t know who Cadeliah is you need to catch up on the Bounty Hunters comic series!

Student of the Force

Madelin Sun was just a simple Sava until studying the Force became illegal. But Qi’ra steps in to give her plenty to restore her passion for learning!

Ren Faire

This good-looking dude is back! Even the Knights of Ren are a part of the plan? What could Crimson Dawn need them for?

Shadow Hunters

Oh, that makes sense. A few dark siders break into Fortress Vader. Of course, there’s plenty of spookiness in store…


Oh, and this perfect moment.

Sleeping Giants

Oh, look. A horrifying world of gargantuan monsters frozen in ravenous hunger.

This is fine right? They won’t wake up…


Await the Dawn

Crimson Reign has its fair share of action but definitely delivers much more on characters and clearly sets the stage for whatever comes next. Together with the concurrent crossover series (Star Wars, Bounty Hunters, Doctor Aphra, and Darth Vader) Crimson Dawn is having a massive impact throughout the galaxy. This crossover event is looking to be even bigger than War of the Bounty Hunters!

This comic is a must-read for syndicate power plays, devious master plans, and Qi’ra’s manipulations.

I can’t wait to see how this tragedy ends in Hidden Empire.

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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