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Star Wars: Crimson Reign Favorite Moments!

The Rebel Alliance continues to assemble its fleet while Luke Skywalker needs to finish what he started. Meanwhile, Kes Dameron and Starlight Squadron know that time is running out for Shara Bey.

Lost Jedi knowledge! Syndicate meetings! Trapped on Tarkin’s Will! Starlight rescue ops!

Charles Soule continues his streak of wonderfully written Star Wars stories with characters we’ve grown up with and some others we’ve been dying to see more of!

Here are my favorite moments from this arc!



Artoo-Detoo finally shows off his Imperial list of Jedi sites! Super helpful even though he doesn’t have that last piece BB-8 will give him in 30 or so years…

… Pick a Path and All is Done.

I am at peace knowing Luke has visited Lothal. I hope somewhere Ezra is too.


This guy has an amazing story to tell. I like to see connections to other great Soule stories out there.

You the Mann

And I really LOVE High Republic connections!


The idea of Jedi adapting to the times is fascinating and it just captivates the imagination to see the Jedi in so many untold eras.


Page turners they were not…


Again, Qi’ra and Leia have business to discuss. While Leia is easy to read, Qi’ra’s goals are much more mysterious. And of course whether or not she can be trusted at all…

Bonus: Holdo facilitating things.

We stan Holdo in all eras.

Top Guns

Every chance I get to see Starlight Squadron in action is greatness! Sadly, they are missing a member at the moment…

Invisible Hand

Shara’s been surviving by hiding in plain sight. Turns out Tarkin’s Will is the perfect place for a stowaway.

Sophie’s Choice

Commander Zahra’s attack plan is insidious and effective. Which is bad news for these rebels.


Together, Kes, Starlight, and the Pathfinders succeed in finding Shara. Seeing Kes and Shara reunite is a highlight I’ve been holding my breath for months to see.

Jedi Search

Crimson Reign has quite a few storylines at play but they all feel important and there are still many threads to pull before we get to Return of the Jedi. Commander Zahra is proving to be a real threat and won’t be beaten easily. Watching the effect of Crimson Dawn play out makes me even more excited for Hidden Empire and whatever Qi’ra is planning.

This comic is a must-read for sacred text fans, and anyone looking for more Shara and Kes!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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