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Crimson Reign Favorite Moments!

Spies across the stars! Long lost Jedi! Mission to Fortress Vader! Sith Hunters and Sith Hunters! Return of the Ren!
Now that Crimson Dawn has made their move, Qi’ra leads the crime syndicate towards its goals and expands its reach across the galaxy!

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Darth Vader: End of Games Comic Series Moments!

The final arc of the 2015 Darth Vader series gets extra crazy. Throughout the series we’ve got Vader, sole survivor and blame-absorber of the biggest military explosive failure in the Empire’s 20 year reign, searching for the pilot who caused that failure, which opens up an entire can of worms involving a rogue archaeologist, a… Continue reading Darth Vader: End of Games Comic Series Moments!

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Star Wars: Lords of the Sith Review!

Lords of the Sith is our first dark side jump into many powers… Some considered to be unnatural…. The fourth canon book from Del Rey gives us an action-packed, Force choking, crimson lightsaber blast of awesome. From Darth Vader to Darth Sidious and all the others caught in the wake of their power this book hits like a… Continue reading Star Wars: Lords of the Sith Review!