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Darth Vader: End of Games Comic Series Moments!

The final arc of the 2015 Darth Vader series gets extra crazy. Throughout the series we’ve got Vader, sole survivor and blame-absorber of the biggest military explosive failure in the Empire’s 20 year reign, searching for the pilot who caused that failure, which opens up an entire can of worms involving a rogue archaeologist, a private battle droid army, a clone scientist and his homicidal creations, and being reduced to a mere tool under Grand General Tagge. Most of the poodoo hits the fan here as Vader deals with these minor inconveniences.


The Executor

Looks like Grand General Tagge is getting a shiny new toy! It’s his own Star Destroyer… but Super! Try not to think too far ahead to realize that in The Empire Strikes Back Tagge is nowhere to be seen anywhere near this bad boy.

Loose Lips Sink Starships

Following Doctor Aphra’s capture by Rebels Vader has been very motivated to find her and silence this particular former ally. So… since Aphra’s escape from Sunspot Prison she has been understandably lying pretty low. But it looks like an unwanted reunion is imminent anyway.


So while Vader is fighting his way to Cylo and his traitorous army of cyborgs, space whales, and all kinds of technological terrors, he comes face to face with a cybernetically enhanced rancor. Specifically designed to fight Vader. It is a minor inconvenience for him but still pretty metal.

The Outer Limits

Okay hear me out. Outer. Space. Lazer sword. Duel.

I just think it’s neat.

Cyborg Plot Twist

Just when you thought it was all over BOOM. Guess who built Vader’s cybernetic suit? I honestly didn’t see it coming. Watching Vader get “shut down” was a surprise to be sure…

What happens next is some beautiful Vader introspection.


Aphra takes a chance to make her own introductions.

To Vader’s boss.

Yes that boss. Palpatine himself.


Loose Ends

Look. I am guilty of enjoying my weird Star Wars and this series delivers on plenty of that. There are even some bonus murder droid and tusken raider stories! Some pretty monumental things happen in this series that pay off wonderfully in The Empire Strikes Back. And while I am always wary of ANOTHER Vader series when there are so many more characters with untold stories out there, the story is well done, we are blessed with the wonderfully selfish Doctor Aphra, and Vader is now set to lead the Imperial Navy and crush the rebels.

And find Skywalker.

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