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The Clone Wars: Battle Tales Comic Series Moments!

A good soldier fights for himself; a great soldier fights for others.

Opening text

This mini-series is a five issue adventure that dives into some of my favorite clones and some great new stories! I love clones and always enjoy hearing things from their point of view. Start with one one of my favorite eras of the timeline and the fact that IDW isn’t afraid to have fun and you have my full attention!



The Wolfpack makes it’s triumphant return! Complete in their OG phase 1 armor and dark red paint job! My favorite clone battalion is central in the story and along the way they get to share a few stories of their own.

P.S. And jetpacks. Lots of jetpacks.

Meesa Have a Grand Army

The 104th isn’t the only familiar clone batallion around. Both the 501st and the 212th are present! Which means we get Commander Cody, Captain Rex, and Commander Wolffe all together shenanigans!

What fun .maulgif!!


A few prisoners hatch a plan for escape. It involves punches and suplexes.

Short Help

These little beings are called Qubey.

Their savageness is breathtaking.

Jedi, Senators, and Separatists, Oh My!

In addition to all the awesomeness of our favorite clone bros, we also see lots of familiar faces… that aren’t identical! Skywalker, Kenobi and Koon all show up with their usual Jedi presence. Grievous and his saber collection! Padme shows up for some aggressive negotiations! Even some ovissians show up!

The stories are fun and each issue takes a cool story and pairs it with a new art style! For anyone who enjoys some good clone content!

P.S. Did I mention the jetpacks?

There are jetpacks.

  • Sal P.

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