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Star Wars: Skywalker Strikes Comic Series Moments!

Back in January 2015 when the resurgence of Star Wars was imminent, Marvel launched their first Star Wars line following our familiar heroes adventures after the Battle of Yavin! I was super excited for where the story would take us and have decided to take a look back on some of my favorite moments!


Tamtel Skreej x 2

Apparently the Falcon always has a bunch of Tamtel Skreej disguises for whenever they are needed! Which is lucky for our Rebels here to infiltrate Cymoon 1!

Leia’s Cross

Every time I get to see another Leia punch is a good day. Her left cross is pretty solid from the looks of that guys face!


The story also reveals that the showdown on Bespin is not the first time Vader and Luke have faced off! While this came as a pretty big surprise, the idea that this encounter starts to pull the threads that set Vader on the path that leads to Cloud City is important! At this time he is merely hunting rebels and those who destroyed the Death Star. Here, face to face, Vader recognizes his own lightsaber and starts to realize that Kenobi has set a larger game in motion. This encounter is what sets Vader on his path to learning the truth of Luke’s identity which also sets the stage of Vader uncovering the lies in his own past. All of this leads right into Marvel’s 2015 Darth Vader series where Vader seeks those answers.

It’s an important step that gives the events of The Empire Strikes Back much more depth.

Personal Shields

Join the Empire they said.

It will be fun they said.

Soap Opera Level Drama

Introducing Sana Solo!!

Wait… Sana who?!

This is where we meet Sana interrupting Han and Leia’s little hideaway and putting our smuggler in the hot seat! Sana has become such an enjoyable part of the Star Wars universe as her appearances in more Star Wars comics (and Last Shot) keep giving her more depth and history! She’s even got High Republic roots! (See: Avon Starros in A Test of Courage.)

Imperial Entanglements

Darth Vader visits Tatooine to make a deal with the Hutts for trade routes and materials. A little small talk about recent catastrophes for the Empire turns to talk of that mysterious pilot…

Blinded by the Fett

Skywalker returns to Tatooine for answers only to be ambushed by Boba Fett himself! Boba has been dispatched by Vader to find the mysterious pilot and while he doesn’t capture Luke, he does find his name. Which is NOT the answer Vader expected.

It’s all unravelling.


Luke finds a journal left behind for him from Kenobi. Hopefully it can help him become the Jedi he needs to be.

A New Hope

This series starts off big! The art is solid which is so important when our heroes are so familiar! Vader goes off on his own quest and Luke finds he needs much more training to become the hero the Rebellion needs. I’m really happy that this series is able to take some big swings and add to the epic Skywalker Saga and take us for a really fun ride along the way!

  • Sal P.

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