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From a Certain Point of View Review!

Forty. Stories.

Forty. Authors.

When this anthology was announced I was super excited for the many possibilities. I mean, forty stories? C’mon y’all! There are so many opportunities here! So many possibilities! This is the kind of bold, fun, extra, Star Wars experience I can get behind.

Forty stories!

From forty authors!

I LOVE anthologies. Maybe I’m lazy and like bite sized stories… OR… Maybe I like to experience different stories from different points of view! Maybe as much as I love the main characters of the Skywalker saga, I want to see more varied characters get the spotlight. I think that’s it.

Let’s go with that.


A New Hope

The tie in here is that every story takes place during A New Hope. The characters are mostly background characters who graced the screen for a few frames. I really don’t want to go through and give you a cliff’s notes of 40 stories but suffice to say there are lots of wonderful characters and moments that connect us to a movie we all know and love. A captain trying to complete his mission. A stormtrooper who wanted to ride dewbacks. The officer who comms to ask what happened on the detention level. A dianoga trapped in an unfamiliar prison. A mouse droid. A bartender.

I could go on.

Familiar Faces

As much as I love learning about characters in the background, it was also really cool to see what some other familiar characters were doing during A New Hope. Characters like Aphra, Lando, Yoda, and Breha. Moments that build upon the film while providing us with so many new ones. Even Qui-Gon, Mothma, and Miara show up!


The stories range from fun to dramatic. Lighthearted to heavy. Familiar to fresh. I definitely have my favorites but there is so much to choose from! I definitely think there is something here for everyone. I love when Star Wars doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows us and it’s creators to have fun.

Bits and Pieces

This is one of my favorite anthologies of all time. As a kid who enjoyed Tales From Mos Eisley this is a wonderful way to shine a light on all those people who inhabit the world! I am extremely excited about the upcoming From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back and so many of the premises interest me! On that note, some of the stories that didn’t interest me turned out to be some of my favorites. I wasn’t sure I’d be so interested in a Stormtrooper who loves dewbacks or the dianoga’s point of view but MAN was I wrong!

I definitely think this is a must read for any Star Wars fan and am looking forward to more collections like this. (I hope I don’t have to wait another twenty years for something like this for Episodes I – III… or forty years for VII – IX…) Every author brings their unique voice to the table and so much of the focus is on the untold. No matter what kind of Star Wars fan you are, there’s something in here for you!

From a Certain Point of View is available now!



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