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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters: Galaxy’s Deadliest Comic Series Moments!


Sure, maybe, but how cool are they? This series follows T-800 stunt double Valance on his misadventures, shoot ’em ups, and all around bodily harm. The action and violence are very reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s action movies. Overblown, fantastical, and lots of quippy lines after bloodshed.


Putting Together a Crew

As always big jobs need a big crew. We are introduced to Nakano Lash, a REALLY cool looking Nautolan bounty hunter who takes the lead. Her story takes some interesting turns throughout.


Valance is involved in some chaos over at Black Spire Outpost. I just don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing a marketplace I’ve walked through show up in all these stories I love. The attention to detail is always so well done that I can instantly recognize the walkway or building they are portraying.

Doctor, Doctor

My favorite rogue archaeologist pops in for a moment. Always dealing in information.

Representation Matters

It’s really refreshing to see on the page. (One day I hope to see it on the screen too.) There are lots of new female characters introduced and some character depth which includes some LGBTQ representation as well. But as always, it can be a double edged sword in a story like this. This particular comic series is very violent and no character is safe from that violence it seems, which can be harmful to the very people being represented. I think it’s admirable that the creators are working to include representation across the panels of their comic stories, but it also needs to be said that they need to be careful how they treat those characters. In the long run I hope that including more representation in the creative team will be instrumental in the growth, inclusion, and equality of Star Wars storytelling.

Valance Visual Guide

Fans of Star Wars cross sections should enjoy this cool little breakdown of Valance. I mean, he’s no Incom T-65 but this is still pretty cool.

Bossk and His Blades

Bossk brings a knife to a blaster fight which I  just like.

Don’t @ me.

BAM The Old Fork in the Eye

Like I said, the series is super violent. If you grew up like me on movies like Total Recall, Rambo, Commando, Predator, The Running Man, or Robocop then that’s the kind of vibe I get from this story.

Look. I watched a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger okay.

Actually now that I think about it Valance is kind of a Robocop…

The Clone

Boba is here and in full effect. If recent Star Wars happenings have you craving a Boba fix this should definitely scratch that itch. He isn’t a main character or anything, but he is definitely a big part of the story!

Blasters, Blood, and Bounties

If you are looking for some savage Star Wars storytelling this is it. If that’s not your thing then this should be a pass. I enjoyed the twists and turns throughout. Lots of double crossing along the way. The story jumps around and keeps you guessing all while racking up the body count.

You know what? Maybe it’s Pulp Fiction? I dunno.

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