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Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir Comic Series Moments!

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With The Clone Wars Season 7 dropping on Disney+, now is a great time to take a look at one story you might have overlooked. Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir continues Maul’s story from when we last saw him in The Clone Wars Season 5 episodes where Maul took over Mandalore. If you haven’t read this comic yet it is definitely a must, especially for Clone Wars fans! From the looks of things, we will be seeing Maul in the Siege of Mandalore episodes and many people might be wondering what happened after Maul being captured at the end of The Lawless.

First off the art from this series is amazing. I know Maul and Mandalorians really lend themselves to comic style art generally but this series really pops visually. The story is well done and reads just like a Clone Wars arc. While I’m sure that’s due to the fact that it’s adapted from unproduced episodes, it still makes for an enjoyable read that is definitely full of action, darksaber fighting, and Mandalorians! Behold! Some of my favorite moments!


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Stygeon Prime

For me, one of the coolest things is seeing this Citadel on Stygeon Prime that will make an appearance many years later in Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Old Masters. Once again it appears to be a great place to imprison Force wielders!

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Saxon and Kast

Gar Saxon and Rook Kast are both badass Mandalorian warriors in Maul’s Shadow Collective. While we know eventually Gar Saxon becomes the Governor of Mandalore and an Imperial Viceroy when we catch up to him again in Star Wars Rebels. Rook Kast is just a really cool warrior with a really cool helmet! I keep waiting for some relation to Jodo Kast to come up but nothing yet. I’m hoping we see more of them both in the upcoming Siege of Mandalore episodes.

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The Shadow Collective

On Zanbar with the darksaber in hand, Maul prepares his warriors for battle. And it’s just as awesome as you imagine it to be. Maul leading Mandos.

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Maul also gets some unexpected reinforcements from his home planet. Nightbrother warriors of Dathomir! They are well trained and ready to take on a Sith Lord!

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Jedi Resolve

As they hunt down Maul, Kenobi talks of his experiences on Mandalore. And his losses. Obi-Wan, being the impeccable Jedi he is, remains a true Jedi. Kind of like me in LEGO Star Wars.

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Deadly Alliance

Maul and Tyranus join forces and unleash all kinds of havoc on their enemies. All while keeping a nice amount of hatred for each other as impeccable Sith do.

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Grievous is Bloodthirsty

There are some really great moments of General Grievous battling Mandos and really living his best life. While we’ve seen plenty of him running away from Jedi when Grievous is really in his element he can be terrifying.

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Return to Dathomir

One of my favorite planets, it makes sense that Maul’s story brings him back home. I for one am always happy to return to Dathomir where some of my favorite galactic events have taken place. This story adds a few more.

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Royal Rumble

Maul vs. Grievous vs. Tyranus vs. Sidious. While I can imagine had these episodes been produced this fight would have been killer to see animated, the art here ROCKS.

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Dark Side Face-Off

The battle between the masters and mistresses of the dark side is a thing to behold. Both combatants wielding immeasurable power. Comics are cool.

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Coaxed to the Light

This 4 issues mini-series really hits the spot and fills in a nice gap in Maul’s story. There are lots more awesome things like Almec, Nightsister magic, battle droids, Aayla Secura, Ord Mantell, prison break, Ziton Maj, Fife, a familiar Mandalorian asteroid outpost, Brother Viscus, and the Scimitar!Screenshot_20200219-153553_Amazon Kindle.jpg

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