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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Comic Series!

“So as you can see, nothing is out of my reach.” – Dok-Ondar


Who hasn’t wanted to have a collection like Dok-Ondar?

The recent Triple Force Friday shenanigans look like EVERYONE is on the hunt for collectibles. This comic series written by Ethan Sacks follows the Kendoh Gang as they plan to steal a priceless artifact from Dok-Ondar himself! Throughout the issues, we are treated to stories of how some of these valuables came into Dok-Ondar’s collection. Complete with some neat guests along the way! Some of my favorite things:


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The Kendoh Gang

Kendoh Voss is the boss of a little crew out for Dok-Ondar’s treasure! Remex is her clawdite homie who comes in all sorts of handy and Wooro is her Aqualish muscle who looks strong enough to punch the hair off a Wookiee. They show up at Black Spire planning to heist one of Dok-Ondar’s most coveted treasures. They have their own little ship and everything and seem to be pretty good at what they do! Recently I’ve seen a few upcoming comic book covers which make me think we haven’t seen the last of this crew.

Screenshot_20191009-121533_Marvel Comics.jpg

Dok-Ondar’s Collection

Dok-Ondar has stories from Batuu to Korriban, and we get to hear a few of ’em! It’s clear he also holds his own power here on Black Spire Outpost so much so that the First Order is reluctant to mess with him. As cool as this story is to see Dok-Ondar do his usual thing on Batuu, I dig some of the stories in which he’s roaming the galaxy and hunting down his antiquities. It’s also pretty cool to see some of his crew in action!

Screenshot_20191009-122440_Marvel Comics.jpg

Ohnaka’s Legitimate Business

Any. Opportunity. For. Hondo. Is. Worth. It.

Hondo is back and his usual hilarious, conniving, selfish, and crafty self! The best thing about this series is seeing Hondo interact with Dok-Ondar. A few of the stories involve their past exploits and even see them working out their current Black Spire Outpost situations!

Screenshot_20191009-121817_Marvel Comics.jpg

Solo, The Wookiee, and the Sarlacc

One of the stories is how Han and Chewie captured a baby sarlacc for Dok-Ondar. It’s hilarious in the usual Han and Chewie fashion and has plenty of action!

Screenshot_20191009-122032_Marvel Comics.jpg

Greedo and the Lightsaber

One story involves how Greedo acquired the lightsaber of none other than Ki-Adi Mundi himself! A few funny moments about how Greedo never misses, gravity, and givins.

Screenshot_20191009-122737_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Kyber Temple

Another story takes place at the Temple of the Whills on Jedha and involves a run-in with a certain guardian himself! The story itself is pretty awesome and has Dok-Ondar and Hondo teaming up!

Screenshot_20191009-123315_Marvel Comics.jpg

Moraband and the Sith Blade

Doctor Aphra, Triple Zero, and BT-1 join Dok-Ondar and Hondo on a hunt for the Blade of Khashyun on Moraband. If you are familiar with Doctor Aphra you can expect plenty of her violence, conniving, and betrayal along the way!

Screenshot_20191009-123509_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Red Fury

The First Order 709th Legion here is also known as the “Red Fury.” They answer to Kylo Ren aboard the Finalizer and are led by Lieutenant Agnon. While their main mission appears to be searching out and defeating the Resistance, they take notice of the notorious Kendoh Gang and hunt them as well!

Screenshot_20191009-121908_Marvel Comics.jpg

Bits and Pieces

The art by Will Sliney is damn good and there are lots of surprises and little details I loved. 8D-J8, The TIE Echelon, Dowutin predators, fourteen parsecs, Mygeeto, the fight in the toymakers shop, Jabba’s palace, Oga’s Cantina, Jedi sculpture, Dok-Ondar’s parents, V-Wings, a First Order treadspeeder, Sith hounds, Shistavenens, lightsabers are for the weak, The Scourge of Serenno, BK-86, and Varg the fixer!

Like the rest of the Galaxy’s Edge media the story itself is well done and the setting of Batuu works perfectly. Although in this particular story the flashbacks jump around to many more locations the story feels bigger. The characters are fun and as a good heist story there’s plenty of double and triple crossing!

– Sal P.

I didn’t earn my reputation by running a crew of amateurs…” – Kendoh Voss


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