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Star Wars Allegiance Comic Series Moments!

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Marvel’s Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker title was Star Wars Allegiance. The comic takes place very soon after the events of The Last Jedi. The Resistance is in need of allies and supplies, and Leia is focused on rebuilding. The story follows The Resistance as they reach out for allies against the First Order!

Let’s get into my favorite things!


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These New TIEs are the Bomb.

The First Order TIE bombers just look really cool. This was the first time they showed up but you can see them in action in a couple of the later episodes of Star Wars Resistance Season 2! The entire scene here is pretty heartbreaking as the First Order destroys a peaceful neutral system.

Screenshot_20200302-225043_Marvel Comics.jpg

My Precious Magpie

Any Vi mention is a good Vi mention. From the sound of this, it looks like this story takes place around the same time as the events of Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire.

Screenshot_20200302-225218_Marvel Comics.jpg

Self Training on Anoat

In this story, Rey is dealing with the frustration of losing focus and not finishing her training. Much like Resistance Reborn, Rey is lost and having trouble focusing her Force skills. Without Luke, she works hard to become what she thinks the Resistance needs. The last Jedi.

Screenshot_20200303-003653_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Kendoh Gang: Episode I

If you read the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge comic series, then you know the Kendoh Gang! It’s great to see them again, or… like, before. I think the events here take place before the events on Batuu. So this is like… their prequel.

Screenshot_20200302-225804_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Shipyards

The Legendary Fondor shipyards. I dig familiar callbacks like this and it’s another opportunity to see the First Order tightening their grip across the galaxy.

Screenshot_20200302-225836_Marvel Comics.jpg

Mad Kylo is 500% Done

Kylo isn’t in this series very much but his brief presence is pretty powerful. He’s definitely doing his best to live up to his Supreme Leader title mercilessly and brutally.

Screenshot_20200302-225554_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Mourning Shrines

On Mon Cala, Leia joins Ackbar’s son, Aftab is mourning his father. The scenery is nice and Ackbar’s son speaks of his father’s focus and dedication. It’s a nice moment for us to reminisce as well. Probably my favorite moment in the series.

Screenshot_20200302-225903_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Art of War

General Organa reminds everyone where her true warriors’ prowess lies. In politics and leadership, where the enemies are much more cunning.

Screenshot_20200303-001303_Marvel Comics.jpg

Aqua Droid Gladiator

Someone has an Aqua Droid straight out of The Clone Wars ready to fight! I love seeing callbacks to familiar eras.

Screenshot_20200303-001952_Marvel Comics.jpg

Rogue Group, Use Your Harpoons and Tow Cables

Speaking of callbacks, Finn uses a harpoon from a T-47.

But like… manually.

Screenshot_20200303-001737_Marvel Comics.jpg

Rose Won’t Stand By

Rose has some good moments in this series. She has good ideas and even jumps into the action when necessary. Which you would think wouldn’t be very often since she’s traveling with Rey, but she is clever and quick to help!

Screenshot_20200302-230232_Marvel Comics.jpg

To Be Continued…

Allegiance gave us a look at The Resistance starting to rebuild. Mon Cala was a welcome setting and meeting Aftab was something I really enjoyed. Seeing things like Rey come to grips with her journey and feeling she wasn’t where she needed to be was also a great set up for her putting her time into training in The Rise of Skywalker. Seeing Rose in action was nice. I hope The Kendoh Gang show up in more stories soon! The art style isn’t my favorite, but a lot of the sweeping splash pages are very well done. For me, this series isn’t a must-read, but there are plenty of moments that do make the read enjoyable.


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