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Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Premiere at Lucasfilm!

This past weekend we took a Rogue Rebels Road Trip!

We were able to attend a screening of Star Wars ResistanceInto the Unknown” and “A Quick Salvage Run” along with a Q and A.

Unfortunately, our Phoenix leader was unable to join us in our journey and we had to leave her at the home base. With a heavy heart, we began our mission and headed north…

infinity rogue rebels
Different situation. Similar faces.

It was a short trip,  but we definitely didn’t want to miss it! It’s always worth watching these shows with a crowd of fans. The reactions and energy is something that can only be witnessed.

Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face…

We drove up for lunch at Bravo Farms and made a quick stop in Japantown for some ramen before heading into the Lucasfilm theater.

Once we got there it was great to see some familiar faces and share our love of Star Wars.

The kids…


When we used to make these trips Axel and Lizzy were kids. This time they are pretty much officially teenagers. Now they are talking about colleges, and android apps, and dabbing and whatever else they are into…

Fortnite and all that madness…

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Things that happened today…

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The episodes, as usual, looked fantastic. It’s so good to be back with our Colossus crew. I love the look of the show and once again those starfighter battles are looking spectacular!

We watched Into the Unknown and A Quick Salvage Run which both ROCK. (I’ll get more into that last one soon…)

But for now…

Into the Unknown

Lucky for ALL OF US the entire episode is available on youtube! Fo freeeeee!!!

So hurry up and watch it so you can read the spoilers that follow!

Resistance is back with a bang and this episode was a great way to kick things off! After taking some damage the Colossus needs a few repairs and our friends all have some fixing to do. My personal favs?

  • Zero Grav is the best thing ever. I definitely want to have a Zero-G Special at Aunt Z’s!
  • Who scared my Chelidae?
  • I can’t wait to see more of our team running things from the command deck.
  • The horror of MB-13.
  • Neeku’s plea to the survivors
  • DROID SHOWDOWN. (Reminded me of that Duel of the Droids ep of The Clone Wars!)
  • I REALLY want to hang in the zero-gravity bar. (C’Mon Galaxy’s Edge. Figure it out!)
  • 3 Parsecs from D’Qar? Not bad Neeku!
  • DT-533. I’m still mad at you. But man am I curious to see where this path takes you…

Check out the episode guide for lots more cool info!

Heading Towards That Epic Conclusion

The Q and A as always was fun and insightful. Kristen Baver moderated with Resistance crew Athena Portillo, Justin Ridge, and Brandon Auman! Lots of talk confirming that the season will wrap up before the events of The Rise of Skywalker. Athena said a few times her favorite thing was “208” so… I can’t wait for that episode… Lots of talk about how fun it was to really get into the “slice of life” feel that this series gets to explore. No Force Wielders means lots more creative solutions for our heroes. Everyone is excited for Kylo to make an appearance. All in all, I’m curious to see where when and how our heroes hook up with the Resistance! Not only that but since we aren’t racing on Castilon anymore I have a feeling our Aces will be straight up scrambling starfighters now!

I loved hearing everyone’s thoughts and can’t wait to follow on the rest of this adventure!

– Sal P.

P.S. I knew TheWookieeGunner would have that thing I was looking for!

Hmm… I wonder if that’s…


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