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War of the Bounty Hunters One-Shot Comic Favorite Moments!

While Boba Fett is on a mission to reclaim Solo, the War of the Bounty Hunters One-Shots show us a few new perspectives! Jabba the Hutt thinks Fett is betraying him! 4-LOM & Zuckuss each lose their best friend! Boushh and their gang take on a new client! And IG-88 is reborn! Each story brings it’s own artist and writer which sets them all apart. And all of them provide interesting looks at some lesser-known Bounty Hunters!

This is great for those like me who’ve always wanted to know more about Boushh!


Called out of Retirement

Justina Ireland makes her Marvel comic debut with War of the Bounty Hunters: Jabba the Hutt! Justina introduces us to Deva Lompop: A longtime bounty hunter from the days of The High Republic who’s still hanging out during the Rebellion days! Deva is super stylish, cunning, lethal, and shows up in every one of these one-shots. While we don’t get a whole lot of her story I can’t wait to see what happens with her character in the future! Or even better: The High Republic!!

She also has a super chill house…

The Nod and the Wink

Looks like Ventress and Deva have a few tactics in common. Deva gets her intel with all the tools at her disposal. I bet she even knows the Full-on Gambit.

Await the Dawn

While Deva’s debt is to Jabba, Jabba’s constant failure to let her work it off forces Deva to find other means. I hope we see where this all takes her. So far, she’s doing a good job of racking up a few debt-ees herself!

Backgroud Frugosian

Look. After Opeepit, any time I see a Frugosion I’m happy about it.


Zuckuss over here pulling straight up asides to the audience while chaos and violence reign behind him is high art.


Zuckuss and 4-LOM finally reunite after their *almost* destruction on Nar Shaddaa! I but they hug and everything…

Born in the Storm

One of my FAVORITE characters Sardis Ramsin makes his comic debut! Complete with dewback and everything! I LOVED Daniel Jose Older‘s story Born in the Storm in From a Certain Point of View and was HYPE to see him still living his best life on Tatooine!

Put this dude in The Book of Boba Fett!!!!


Alyssa Wong brings us Boushh and the entire Ubese crew! I’ve always thought Boushh armor was super badass looking so seeing some other Ubese fashion getting rocked in this issue was a gift I never knew I needed.

This album cover is 🔥

The Exiles

Each Ubese hunter in Boushh’s crew is an exile from Ubese society which takes it’s punishments very seriously. They are exiled and their entire lives are erased with no hope of return.

In Boushh’s crew all they have is each other.


A Domina Tagge flashback tells us life in the Tagge dynasty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Even as a child Domina was fighting off assassination attempts to secure her place as heir. As it turns out, little has changed over the years.

Does Not Compute

After being rebuilt, IG-88 begins to experience flashbacks of his recent destruction.

I don’t think he likes it.

Hunter Killer

IG-88 tracks down Boba Fett in one last attempt to claim Solo.

Spoilers: IG-88 fails.

I, Robot

Without a mission, IG-88 is left pondering his next steps…

Bounty Lost

Each story stands on it’s own and gives us unique perspective on so many characters. I hope some of the story threads laid down here are picked up in future storytelling. In particular, Boushh’s crew, Deva Lompop, lonely 4-LOM, and a free thinking IG-88 all provide some intriguing possibilities!

These comics are a must-read for anyone looking for a more Bounty Hunter action and deeper looks into the underworld!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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