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Cool Things I Learned From Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide!

This guide has passed through the hands of some of the most notorious thieves, con artists, pirates, pilots, smugglers, and gamblers.

I love these in-universe books. From The Jedi Path to The Rebel Files I’ve been a big fan and love the style and art in all of these books. There’s always cool tidbits in them from familiar characters ad this one is no different. This book passes through the hands of some of our favorite nerf herders and is recovered from the Millennium Falcon for us to discover! From Maz Kanata to Hondo Ohnaka. From Lando Calrissian to Dr. Evazan. From Dryden (not my) Vos to Boshek!

So I’ll share a few of my favorite things I’ve learned from The Smugglers’ Guide.


The Pirate Queens Treasure

This guide is started by none other than Maz Kanata herself. In addition to her notes on the underworld and tips on surviving and thriving there, she apparently has hidden treasure with clues throughout her travels! The best part is all the other owners of the book trying to puzzle out the locations!


Camping With Dex

Before Obi-Wan’s besalisk buddy opened a diner he has traveled the galaxy working odd jobs and wrote about camping under the stars, mining for some creds, and his issues with Crimson Dawn!


The Book of Hondo

When Hondo comes upon this guide he thinks he can make it his own and just sell it! You know, for profit! He starts writing… well… he puts one of his crew to write down his quotes and pirate “wisdom” in hopes of selling it to every sucker out there in true Hondo fashion!


Dryden Vos and His Inventory

Dryden himself comes across this guide and starts to inventory some of his collection which is pretty cool.


Beckett and the Heist

Tobias Beckett finds this guide and starts planning out a heist with his crew.

Lotta ways it could go south…


The Smoothest Gambler

Lando’s contribution is not only some conversations between he and L3 about upgrades to the Falcon but some tips on gambling and coming out on top.

… and of course, looking good doing it…


BoShek The Racer

There’s no way I could pass up the opportunity to talk about BoShek. The OG space racer talks about Ski Speeders, the Dragon Void, and wreck recovery!

Evazan working


The Mad Scientist

Dr. Evazan brainstorms improvements for Ponda Baba and his missing limb…


Riley and The Irving Boys

Riley has come a long way since Burnin Konn and started running with the Irving Boys. After finding herself on her own again she’s ready for a new beginning.


The Crimson Corsair

Quiggold thinks Ithano will love this piece of pirate lore as they build the legend of the Meson Martinet!


“Tell that to Kanjiklub.”

Kanjiklub themselves recover the guide from The Guavian Death Gang.

… Who recovered it from the Droid Gotra…

Kanjiklub has its sights set on overtaking the biggest syndicates.


The Wookiee and The Smuggler

This book passes through Han Solo’s hands a few times throughout his life. From his early days looking for that one big job to his later days ready to roll the dice one last time.

The guide is found aboard the Falcon by someone who loves him.

Bits and Pieces

I love these in-universe books. They are always filled with great art, fun tidbits, and interesting info. There’s so much more in here that caught my eye! Sana Starros, Dok-Ondar, Chelli Aphra, Bib Fortuna, Chalmun’s Cantina, Saponza, The Master Codebreaker, gunrunning with Ephant Mon, The Razzi syndicate, beware The Bloody Bones, The Broken Horn Syndicate, seized by Commandant Brendol Hux, Ducain, Niima Outpost, and the Eravana.

I didn’t get the deluxe edition but for an extra cool factor, it comes in a case with light and sound and some bonus items!


Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide is available now!


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