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Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan Comic Series Moments!

A young Padawan fighting alongside his master and his clone trooper buddies as the Clone War nears it’s end? What could go wrong!

I was happy when Star Wars Rebels began airing they had media and toys that featured those stories and characters. It’s something I wish had continued with Star Wars Resistance and The Mandalorian (although it does look like we will see an original novel connected to The Mandalorian.) Letting the characters and stories grow beyond the limitations of any media is one of the Star Wars franchise’s greatest strengths.

The story and art in these comics are all off the charts. Larraz captures the expressions and the energy of the characters extremely well. The dialogue is wonderfully insightful, true to the characters we are familiar with, and quotable!

I LOVE this series!


Master & Apprentice

Caleb Dume and Depa Billaba. Watching them together is perfection. As they battle through a war zone Billaba is able to impart such beautiful lessons and words to young Caleb. There are moments that delve into how Caleb feels at home on the battlefield. His master reminds him that everything is temporary and finding your place in a galaxy that is ever evolving will always change.

Okay. I have to stop writing now before I cry.

Execute Order 66

Oh no.

I mean, we all saw this coming.

Jedi Lost

This child finding himself alone in a world he has never experienced outside of the Jedi order. Finding a way to survive. Adapting. Caleb has a difficult road ahead.

Trust in the Force

The message. One of his last ties to the Jedi is the holocron his master gave him where he receives a familiar message. Hope he checks it on time…

Clothes Make the Man

In a time when the Jedi are hunted, Caleb has to become something else. I love the look of his first little outfit. It has similarities to the outfit we are all familiar with but is it’s own cool thing. I love Star Wars clothes.

That belt buckle is fire.


Janus Kasmir takes the kid and shows him the ropes of how to survive outside of the law. Janus teaches the kid a lot of lessons on making through the rough and tough galaxy, kind of becoming a strange mentor figure in a galaxy gone mad. Together they make their way to some credits and take care of each other along the way.


Enemies and Ideals

Along his misadventures the kid runs across someone else in hiding. Jondo, the former separatist General Kleeve, is also thrown to the wolves by the system he fought for and believed in. As the galaxy shifts, the things people thought they were fighting for come to light.

Good Soldiers Follow Orders

The clones and their story are also EXTREMELY well done in this comic. From being such warm friends to their Jedi general to everything that comes next it’s all remarkably heartbreaking.

As it should be.

Mi Nombre Es

Here it is.

He did the thing.

The Spectres

The entire arc is bookended with a story taking place during the time of Star Wars Rebels. It’s awesome to see the whole crew of course! It adds cool fun and flashback opportunities!

The Escape

In Star Wars, the idea of having a ship is one of the ultimate manifestations of freedom. It’s Luke Skywalker wanting to fly off Tatooine. It’s Han Solo wanting to leave Corellia with Qi’ra. It’s Rey fixing a derelict ship in the desert of Jakku.

It’s a lost boy who thinks flying off alone in the galaxy is the only way to be safe from the life he used to live.

A New Hope

This is one of my favorite Star Wars comic series’ of all time. The story, characters, and depth are all heartwarming and heartbreaking. I know we live in a world now where we have a few “Jedi who survived Order 66” stories like Jedi: Fallen Order and The Clone Wars but this one is really something to behold. It’s a story that takes it’s time in places we really haven’t seen before. And once again taking a character from an aminated show and expanding on the back story really fills out and informs that character in all things. This and A New Dawn add so much to the epic tale of Kanan Jarrus.

Of course that’s something that I love.

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