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Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Comic Series Moments!

The third Darth Vader series in this new era of interconnected storytelling takes our little Sith Lord to the days after his experiences during The Empire Strikes Back. I’ve been waiting for the storytelling to move into new eras as so many stories being told were set in the three years following A New Hope. It’s good to see that the plan is to move on and explore new pieces of the timeline!

Lord Vader himself has a lot on his mind. His family reunion did not go as well as he had hoped and much like his son, Vader is left with a lot of emotional inertia, questions, and his endless drive for answers. Greg Pak’s story takes us on Vader’s quest as he returns to stones long left unturned in his past. Along the way a lot of memories from a former life and plenty of familiar places and faces to see.


Taking a Personal Day

Following the Falcons’ escape over Bespin, Vader immediately embarks on a little personal day. Sidious is not happy about Vader not answering the phone.

Metal God

Most of these Darth Vader comics seem to have great excuses to show Vader as this ultimate DEATH METAL MACHINE that just rocks. I mean, this is like the umpteenth time we’ve seen him destroy while on fire/getting struck by lightning/amidst magma/battle damaged droid pieces all showing.

I am here for every second of it.


Following the clues of Skywalker lead Vader back to the Lars’ homestead…

… and that leads to more memories…

Senate of Days Past

It’s interesting to learn that Padmé’s apartment was sealed after her death.

Seems like prime real estate right?

The First Handmaiden

After an awkward case of mistaken identity, Sabé finds our little Sith Lord on Vendaxa. Sabé has her own mission.


Look, it’s a really good 80s tagline.

Lake Country

The return to Naboo is pretty awesome. The visuals of Vader in these perfect places in Anakin’s past is something.

As you can see Ienco’s landscape art is beautiful.

Diamond Lane

It’s good to see a few familiar faces along this journey. Typho and Tonra have a bongo and we are gifted with this oddly hilarious idea of Vader riding in the backseat on a road trip.

I love the callback to Sabé and Tonra’s mission in Queen’s Shadow.

There’s Always a Bigger Fish

After twenty years without so much as an action figure, it’s good to see sando aqua monster getting their share of the limelight! Between this and that Forces of Destiny episode I fully support sando aqua monster content!

The Handmaidens

This is when the awesomeness jumps up like, 100 levels. Eirtaé, Rabé, Saché, and Dormé join Sabé to avenge their Queen.

Obviously like all of you, I instantly worry about Yané.

I am also curious about Moteé. She definitely knows some shaak shit.

Moteé can crack this whole thing wide open.

Moteé is the key.

Although Jar Jar did find that Jedi robe on Padmé’s cruiser that one time…

Ruins of Polis Massa

All the clues lead Vader to things we already know. But it’s easy to see why when Vader gets to Polis Massa I start to worry.

Last Words

Vader and his detective sidekick ZED 6-7 (who has been a delight this whole trip) are able to access a piece of a recording with Amidala’s last moments.

I wonder if Padmé’s last words reach any glimmer of Anakin hidden away behind the mask.


Vader on the Case

There are some really great moments in this story. All super-crazy-Vader-murdering aside, watching Vader finally search for the answers to his past is a really interesting story thread to pull on. As we know from Return of the Jedi, Vader will only become more conflicted over the next year or so, and I love watching the relationship between Vader and Sidious darken… If that’s even possible.

The best thing here is seeing the handmaidens and so many others from Amidala’s past. I would love to see more of their stories, particularly during these times! It is nice to see some classics like the N1-Starfighter and the ARC-170 for a few brief moments. Did I forget to mention death troopers?

Definitely a must read for fans of Amidala and her handmaidens. While the story isn’t solely about them, their involvement (and outfits) are pretty awesome!

-Sal P.

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