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Star Wars: TIE Fighter Comic Series Moments!

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In the wake of the Alphabet Squadron novel release Jody Hauser launched this prequel comic series focusing on Alphabet Squadron’s greatest nemesis: Shadow Wing! This chance to look at the Imperial narrative becomes a lot more interesting knowing that we are getting a nice trilogy of books covering this particular squadron! I’m always appreciative when lots of different areas of media tie together to make something grander.

And I also suspect with the upcoming release of Star Wars Squadrons, we might even see some of these things tie into that starfighter world!


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Shakara Nuress the Commander of the Imperial 204th fighter wing makes an appearance here. If you’ve read Alphabet Squadron you’ve seen some of her further adventures but watching her at work with squadron 5 is pretty cool. I love when I get to see a character from a book or novel illustrated in some way. Books give us so many characters we never see it’s nice when comics can bridge that gap for these lucky few.

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Lt. Broosh

Speaking of book characters Lt. Broosh is also a prominent character in Star Wars: Shadow Fall. While this comic mainly centers on his story and his squadron I did like reding through that novel and recognizing him from this series.

That’s the cool thing about integrating characters and stories.

It works both ways!

Screenshot_20200723-102218_Marvel Comics.jpg


There are a group of Imperials who have decided that perhaps they can just break off a little piece of the Empire for themselves. It’s not quite the defection story we’re used to wher the antagonist is pushed beyond their beliefs and seeks another path to justice.

It’s more of the greed of running to an escape pod with whatever riches the antagonist believes they can maintain control over.

I feel this story isn’t common enough in Star Wars as it certainly seems like something that happens in real life more often…

Screenshot_20200723-101941_Marvel Comics.jpg


Speaking of familiar faces Alphabet Squadron’s X-Wing specialist is here.

But you know… some time before her eventual defection.

Screenshot_20200723-102440_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Dree Bros.

I’m a fan of the Dree bros so I’m always happy to see their familiar faces. It’s nice to see where they’ve been since their cadet days alongside our favorite scrumrat!

Screenshot_20200723-102739_Marvel Comics.jpg

Rebel Entanglements

As expected there are som really cool space fighty fly pewpew sequences and the art for the ships is top notch!

Screenshot_20200723-102808_Marvel Comics.jpg


And as always the pilots life isn’t an easy one.

We are used to watching these movies play out these space battles in a grand scope as the two fleets struggle for supremacy but watching from the pilots seat is way more shocking when we watch our fellow pilots vanish in a sudden burst.

Screenshot_20200723-102902_Marvel Comics.jpg

Major Keize

Familiar face #3 is none other than Soran Keize himself. But this time we are able to see him through the eyes of his fellow Imperials.

Screenshot_20200723-103223_Marvel Comics.jpg

Fresh Meat

If I still have to explain my love for the Imperial Cadet uniform then please see my detailed manifesto here.

Screenshot_20200723-102414_Marvel Comics.jpg

Squadron 5

So Squadron 5 is interesting and a wonderful batch to watch. The story is well done and has some nice twists and turns in it. There are also a few places that go back to some of the pilots past experiences that lets us get to know them just a bit better.

I’m always happy to see some space pilots squad up!

Even if they are the “bad guys!”

Screenshot_20200723-104006_Marvel Comics.jpg

Check out the Rogue Rebels Star Wars comics Spotify playlist here!



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