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Star Wars: Dark Legends Review!

“Welcome, brave reader…”

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If you’re ready to delve deep into the dark side then SITHSPAWN do I have a book for you. Following the footsteps of the amazing George Mann and Grant Griffin’s previous collaboration (Star Wars: Myths & Fables) is another collection of fairy tale style stories (WHICH I LOVED!) This anthology is dripping with dark side horror and plenty of wonderful unsettling stories to tell in the dark…

Like… Umbara maybe?

Or perhaps the perpetual shadows of Malachor?

Or even the blood-red horizons of Dathomir.

Take the spooky wonder from a Guillermo Del Toro movie and bring it into the Star Wars universe and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the tone.

So… are you ready then?

SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD!star-wars-dark-legends-blood-moon

The Pull of the Dark Side

As the title and design suggest, this book focuses on the dark side of the Star Wars galaxy. It’s definitely refreshing to see the familiar galaxy from the lesser-explored shadows. Stories of Sith lords, Nightsisters, cursed artifacts, haunted corridors, and even fractured stars of Kyber.


Familiar Faces

There are a few familiar faces in a couple of stories. It’s eerily captivating to see them through fresh eyes and I’m curious as to the future stories that could come of any of the characters in this book.

I mean… who’s to say we don’t revisit some of them very soon during the High Republic?

It could happen.


Twice the Pride

The best thing about fables is each one has a moral. While these stories are overflowing with dark side machinations they definitely all have a purpose and a moral. Even on the dark side, there are lessons to be learned!


Shout out to a super cool sickle-bladed saber…


Bits and Pieces

This book is definitely a must-read for anyone who feels the dark side pulling at them. The stories are all wonderful, unique, and captivating. In a Star Wars universe surrounded by stories of hope, love, and redemption, this book stands alone as a collection of stories of greed, wrath, hunger, and consequences. Each story has a beautiful illustration from Griffin and Mann’s prose style does an amazing job of setting the tone of these legends. 

– Sal P.

“And do not dare to claim you were not warned.”



Star Wars: Dark Legends is available now!


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