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Rogue Rebels Podcast 71: Star Wars: Squadrons with Zoe Hinton!

Sal talks with special guest Zoe Hinton from Star Wars Geek Girl about Star Wars: Squadrons! Everything from Oregon Trail trauma, Star Wars Geek Girl updates, pictures and stickers, ancient flight sims, fleet battles, starfighter options, customization even for Imperials, too fast too furious, Lindon Javes, propaganda scenes, freedom of choice, the VR experience, build… Continue reading Rogue Rebels Podcast 71: Star Wars: Squadrons with Zoe Hinton!

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Sal’s Favorite Star Wars 2020 Moments!

What a year it has been. It seems like a mere 82 years ago I was looking forward to Star Wars Celebration 2020… Amidst all the hardship and days filled with distance learning, saying goodbye to my daughter as she went off to college, and cancelling all kinds of plans due to a global pandemic,… Continue reading Sal’s Favorite Star Wars 2020 Moments!

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Video Games With The Rogue Rebels!

For everyone getting excited for Star Wars: Squadrons make sure to stay tuned to our channels on Twitch and YouTube! Axel has been streaming some Jojo and Tomb Raider lately but Star Wars is imminent! Please subscribe and check us out for some game time with Axel and/or Sal! Follow us EVERYWHERE!

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Star Wars: TIE Fighter Comic Series Moments!

In the wake of the Alphabet Squadron novel release Jody Hauser launched this prequel comic series focusing on Alphabet Squadron’s greatest nemesis: Shadow Wing! This chance to look at the Imperial narrative becomes a lot more interesting knowing that we are getting a nice trilogy of books covering this particular squadron! I’m always appreciative when lots of different areas of media tie together to make something grander.