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Welcome…Welcome…Welcome to Episode 292 of THE SITH LIST! Iraj, Boo, Randy, King Tom, Les and Eric bring you the crazy Week in Geek. We have Sal Perales and Nick Ghanbarian as special guests this week and they give us a deep dive into the Galactic StarCruiser.  

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The Rebel Legion Rebels Reads 2021 Webathon!

The Rebel Legion’s celebration of all things Star Wars books and comics, is back for a second year! Rebel Reads is a video streaming webathon fundraiser to benefit Save The Children in their goal of providing education and other critical aid to children across the world.

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Twitch Thursdays with the Rogue Rebels!

Axel is on summer break and has some free time for video games! He’s going to be streaming over on the roguerebels twitch account every Thursday at 3pm PST! Make sure you’re following us on twitch and come hang out we’re gonna start by exploring the Star Wars Minecraft world!! See you all on… Continue reading Twitch Thursdays with the Rogue Rebels!

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The Mandalorian: The Tragedy Steele Wars YouTube Roundtable!

Absolute Chaos and damn fine Star Wars chat on The Mandalorian: Chapter 14 The Tragedy roundtable! Steele Saunders (Steele Wars) Emily Lind (The Pop Culture Hour) Noah Outlaw (Kessel Run Transmissions) Corey Van Dyke, Mark (Pink Milk After Dark) Carlos “Boo” Arguello (The Sith List) Brittani Brown (Canto Bight Dispatch) Eric Strothers (The Bad Motivators)… Continue reading The Mandalorian: The Tragedy Steele Wars YouTube Roundtable!