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Star Wars: Poe Dameron Free Fall Review!

“I’m going to be the best pilot the galaxy’s ever seen. Bank on it.”

Poe Dameron
Poe Dameron Free Fall

Poe “Cutie-Pie” Dameron is currently by far one of the most explored main characters in the Resistance era storytelling. We’ve had three movies, lots of Star Wars Resistance episodes, an entire comic line, and lots more, but there’s a pretty important gap there.

A pretty big, spice running gap.

The shady times…

If you’ve kept up with Poe’s story in other media there are a few familiar faces. From a bit more info about his family to his days as Poe Dameron: Runner of Spice TM. There is plenty of space piloting, ship-battling, and blaster shootouts for that classic Star Wars adventure feel. While we are all familiar with who Poe becomes, this is an interesting exploration of a ginormous misstep along that path.

Let’s get to the spice running!


poe x wing

I Can Fly Anything

Sixteen-year-old Poe Dameron is still every bit the cocky hotshot that we know him to be as the leader of Black Squadron later in his career. The young Poe we meet here is eager for adventure and escaping his quiet home life. Unfortunately, the first opportunity that presents itself definitely doesn’t mean it’s the best one. In some ways, it is a very familiar one. Like a young Luke Skywalker that was so eager to leave Tatooine that he was ready to join the Imperial Academy or Han who risked his life stealing hyperfuel for a chance to escape the dregs of Corellia. Poe’s quiet life doesn’t seem to be super oppressive, but youth just seems to hunger for that taste of adventure. And that hunger can lead a person in the wrong direction.

Yavin 4 colony | Wookieepedia | Fandom

Yavin 4

Poe’s quiet life with his father on Yavin 4 has the feel of a small town. For me, the saddest part was learning that his mother, Shara Bey, had passed on. Initially, when I learned that,  I was disappointed as I felt that having Shara in the story would have been a better choice. However, now I feel that the legacy of Shara and who she was had a bigger and better impact on Poe than it would have had she been alive. There are a few beautiful moments that show Poe with his mother and the lessons she left him with. I also loved finding that the lessons Poe’s parents left him with, were things they experienced alongside some legendary heroes of the Rebel Alliance.

Running With Spice

Which leads to Finn’s big question.

“You were a spice runner?”

Poe leaps at the opportunity for an adventure into a criminal world that he knows nothing about. A man born from heroes finds himself involved in things that his parents stood against. While Poe is able to live his dream of flying, it comes at a high price. As Poe meanders his way through this morally compromising lifestyle he does find something that makes him want to stay.




Those who enjoyed meeting Zorii in The Rise of Skywalker get to go behind the mask in this book. Here, we meet and get to know Zorii as Poe sees her. Learning who she is and why Poe is drawn to her. Their relationship is dangerous just like the life they are living. Zorii is also a young woman at this time cementing her place and defining herself. The two are almost opposites as they race towards their fates.


The thing about living outside of the law is it’s really hard to come back in. So basically, when you’re a criminal, you are hunted like one. In this story, we meet Sela Trune, a New Republic Security Bureau officer, who is hunting down the Spice Runners of Kijimi…

Which at this time means Poe.

So that’s pretty tough. Another unforeseen consequence of bad choices is the effect it has on those around you.

And the lengths loved ones will go to help each other.

Because that’s what heroes do.

Bits and Pieces

For Poe Dameron diehards this is a must-read. Seeing this early adventure unfold and learning the choices that lead him to find his true path is illuminating. Poe shows us what it’s like to find yourself in a life that you feel trapped in. Details that I especially enjoyed were L’ulo, the A-Wing, Boshek, the Guavians, Obah Diah, Kessel, hyperspace skipping, Sorgan, the Pyke Syndicate, a Y-Wing, chaka-root, the Dai-Bendu, iced mocoa, and Babu!!

– Sal P.

“When you’re on that ship, you come alive. You’ll never lose that.

Zorii Bliss

Star Wars: Poe Dameron Free Fall is available now!



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