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Darth Vader: Shadows and Secrets Comic Series Moments!

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After recruiting Aphra and the murder droids the next adventure for this Darth Vader comic series is Shadows and Secrets! The plot gets deeper as Vader searches for answers in old places and does his best to keep his moves and countermoves hidden!

Watching Vader plot and deceive is something we so rarely think of when we are so familiar with Vaders’ signature problem-solving style…

Which is pretty much lazer-sword everything until the problem is solved…


Which leads us to my favorite parts!


Screenshot_20200727-215208_Marvel Comics.jpg

Twin Suns

Vader and Aphra return to Tatooine seeking answers about Skywalker. There are some really cool scenes as Vader is still trying to piece together the puzzle. All he has is a name, and after Cymoon, he knows Kenobi was training the boy.

Screenshot_20200727-215319_Marvel Comics.jpg

Critter Treats

Vader really uses the Force to place this guy in a giant creature’s mouth.

Classic Vader.

Can’t take him anywhere.

What a joker.

Screenshot_20200727-215709_Marvel Comics.jpg


Meet Inspector Thanoth! You know how Thrawn is like a “space Sherlock Holmes?” Well, Thanoth is like, literally a space Sherlock Holmes.

Monacle and all.

The thing is that Vader is trying to hide a few things these days…

Which means a space Sherlock Holmes is like… the LAST thing Vader needs right now.

Screenshot_20200727-221049_Marvel Comics.jpg

Just Slaying Rebels… Whatchoo Doing?

At one point Vader slaughters a bunch of Rebels then calls up his adjutant all while enjoying the breeze atop his TIE x1 Advanced.


Screenshot_20200727-215449_Marvel Comics.jpg

Putting Together a Crew

Aphra puts together a nice bunch of bounty hunters for a big score! Familiar faces Bossk and Krssantan Black are here. We have a cool IG-90 blood-red edition and the shortest little armored up Beebox!


… Kinda…

Screenshot_20200727-215948_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Replacement Killers

So now that the secret is out on Vaders’ replacements they all have their own missions to prove themselves useful! Vader crosses path with them along the way. Pretty much everyone just trying to one-up each other (you know how evildoers do.)


Screenshot_20200727-220937_Marvel Comics.jpg


Ortolan crime lord.

That is all.

My favorite.

Screenshot_20200727-220131_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Mortician

As Vader and Aphra uncover more of the puzzle the clues lead to a retired mortician on Naboo.

They are getting warmer…

Screenshot_20200727-220813_Marvel Comics.jpg

Vader has no Respect for Y-Wings

Vader tracks down the Plasma Devils base and attacks. He tosses his saber into a fleeing  Y-wing.


Screenshot_20200727-220701_Marvel Comics.jpg

Stay Useful

Aphra proves her usefulness, the murder droids start a firefight in a casino, and Vader uses sneaky force tricks to keep everyone off his trail. The path leads to Skywalker’s whereabouts and Aphra does everything she can to prove to Vader that she’s worth more alive.

All in a day’s work for a Sith lord and a rogue archeologist right?

Screenshot_20200723-234751_Marvel Comics.jpg

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