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Star Wars: Hope Dies Comic Series Moments!

The Alliance fleet has been assembled! Nothing can go wrong right? Kieron Gillen really gives us something special here. The future of the Alliance, the fleet, and our heroes is all on the line. Plus a cool little bonus annual story with Sana Starros!


Now THIS is Podracing!

Somehow Luke ends up podracing! Cool!

It Belongs in a Museum

Sana makes some shady deals selling some shady artifacts to some shady peeps. When it all goes bad thanks to the lightsaber of Darth Atrius

Or should I say lightsabers…

I would like to know more.

Air Show

Luke out here giving the Blue Angels some competition.

Hope Dies

When the trap is sprung Vader gives the rebels a moment to understand their predicament. A moment to lose all hope.

Aggressive Negotiations

Leia’s trusted source and contact for fully outfitting the rebel fleet is the traitor after all. Queen Trios has rigged the entire fleet to be helpless in the face of Vader’s Death Squadron. During the Queen’s escape she does share a few words with the Princess.

The Price of Freedom

Queen Trios will do anything to ensure the survival of her people.

Solo Outmatched

When Solo arrives at Mako-Ta he finds the helpless Alliance fleet being picked apart by the Empire. But what can he do? Take out some imperials and protect the fleet!

Oh no, there’s Darth Vader

Rogue One Remembered

The Alliance fighters are finally able to launch after being sabotaged. Luke leading his squadron into the fight has come a long way since Yavin 4. After all Luke has seen and learned about the sacrifices of Jyn Erso, Luke creates Rogue Squadron to honor their sacrifice.

Oh, it’s beautiful.


Speaking of Rogue One, General Draven does his best to make things right and stand up for the good fight.

Promoted with Cause

The losses are big, but the survivors of the fleet escape and scatter. Mon Mothma promotes Leia, Luke, and Han. For the Alliance to survive they need leaders.

Hope Lives

A tech named Meorti helps assemble 3PO after a painful trip on an escape pod. Amidst the death and destruction she’s just helping any way she can.

A valuable lesson and a heartfelt truth.

3PO later tells R2 that Meorti means “hope.”

Built on Hope

This story is powerful and really has some great moments. It’s also a big step in our heroes growing to where we see them in The Empire Strikes Back. This is definitely a high point of the series.

This comic arc is a must-read for any original trilogy fan and lovers of Rogue Squadron!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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