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Doctor Aphra: The Catastrophe Con Comic Series Moments!

Doctor Aphra has hit rock bottom. Imprisoned with no one to turn to Aphra has got to find a way out. Simon Spurrier raises the chaos level to new heights and once again Kev Walker’s art hits that Aphra tone perfectly. This story has some incredible moments!


Accresker Jail

So the Jail is a giant piece of wreckage rocketing through hyperspace that periodically stops to attack rebel cells! Prisoners are linked to hubdroids which lead their forced attack or boarding. If the prisoner doesn’t fight/work/or falls behind… BOOM.

The views are nice though.

Squad Dek-Nil

So turns out Aphra does have one friend around! Her former existential droid Dek-Nil has been reprogrammed by the empire as a hubdroid.

That’s not good.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Accresker Jail seems to have some unexplained happenings. If you listen to Lopset sounds like the place is haunted!

You’re Fired

This is straight out of True Lies.

The Exes

Sana Starros and Magna Tolvan show up. Which is gloriously as awkward as it should be.

Bor Ifriem

The Imperials are using a Mairan in their torture and interrogations. But Aphra’s secrets are dug in deep.

Deal With the Lawman

Tam Posla shows up in his search for justice… or revenge.

Heavy Artillery

BT-1 is attached to a ship as the weapons loadout. C’mon y’all, this is wondrously bananas.

Don’t Look Back

Triple Zero unleashed is much worse.

Message Received

(Sings in TikTok) Oh no. Oh no no no no no.

Aphra’s biggest secret just caught up with her.

Saber Wielder

Once again, any lightsaber action I’m here for.


Triple Zero knows just how to push Aphra’s buttons. They are more alike than she’d care to admit.

Rebel Strike

The rebels evacuate Tiferep since the entire Accresker Jail seems to be on a collision course with the planet.

Return of the Doctor

Our rogue archaeologist escapes! Or does she? She might be in worse company yet.


The Aphra We Deserve

Doctor Aphra and company face insurmountable odds and everything from exploding heads, Mairan mind erasure, a Sith Lord, planetary collision, Jedi ghosts, mad scientists, and ex-girlfriend chat!

This is a must-read for Aphra drama!

What was your favorite part?

  • Sal P.

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