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The High Republic Adventures: Volume One Comic Best Moments!

Daniel José Older delivers a fresh new story PACKED with Jedi awesomeness, BUCKETS OF BLOOD, Chaos bringin’ Nihil, and adorable padawan drama!! The art by Harvey Tolibao is a beautiful style all it’s own. The splash panels hit just right and the characters are all straight up gorgeous! If you aren’t diving into this series you are missing something wonderful! The High Republic keeps the hits coming and this comic series is no exception!


Dual Destiny

The series introduces us to quite a few characters but Lula Talisola and Zeen Mrala are main characters through this first arc. The way the text and art flow is something very special. Lula and Zeen themselves are wonderful characters and I hope their story continues to be something unique and compelling.

Unexpected Help

I cannot express enough how beautiful the splash panels are throughout the issues. Just the detail, energy, and style are next level!


My personal hero Torban Buck springs into action!

Kind of!

Buck is quite averse to violence but when the time comes…


Yoda fails a sneaking mission but not before discovering a mysterious purple artifact.

Readers of Light of the Jedi might be more than intrigued…

Buckets of Explanations

Every hero has a beginning.

Torban Buck has a perfectly reasonable explanation for his nickname.

It’s not weird at all.

Padawan Pals

Zeen spends some time on the Starlight Beacon and makes some new friends!

The midi-cuteness levels are over 20,000.

Also, that’s Lily Tora-Asi from the forthcoming manga The Edge of Balance!

Gaze Electric Games

Bogaranth jousting explained by an anatomically correct ortolan.

This is my jam.


I feel like I would fit in well during Jedi storytime.

Also I would just shut up and enjoy the show.

Look at Qort! Oscar worthy performance!

We Are One

Just another example of the writing and art that sets this comic HIGH above the usual bar.

Data Files

Every issue has a cool little Data File page that has some neat info. There’s one that’s a map. One has some ships. All kinds of cool stuff!

Of course I showed you the lightsaber one.

*On Brand*

Missing Piece

Yoda gets a bit more info on that mysterious artifact.

Curiosity growing…


The Junk Mavens on Quantxi summon a real life savrip! Which is like, way cooler than the holo chess version.

Steps Into Shadow

The two former friends are pulled in very different directions. I’m sure this will cause all sorts of compelling drama! (Side note, Marchion removes his helmet for a really cool moment I don’t want to spoil!)

For Light and Life

All in all this series ROCKS. This is definitely overflowing with that magic that just makes Star Wars special. I can’t wait to see where this series goes and how it all connects to the rest of The High Republic stories!

This comic is a must-read.

That’s it.

That’s the sentence.

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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