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Rogue Rebels Costume Journey: Sabine Wren, Part 3

So we’ve been working on this costume for years. And while we keep working to perfect it, it keeps evolving.

But there’s one iconic piece of this costume that I’ve wanted to get just right for a long time.


A perfect Sabine Wren helmet.

Our original was a Mandalorian Arsenal which was made before the show aired. It’s been three years and I’ve searched high and low for someone to make one that’s just right.

Enter NME Props.



Marcus has been making amazing Mandalorian helmets for years. Truth be told way back when our family first hatched the idea for the Rebels costumes he was the first person I asked about making one. At the time he was working on his own helmets. Cut to three years later and I’m still searching for the best helmet and he’s ready to make something new. I knew this would be a helmet worth the wait.

And working pretty closely with Marcus I was able to see a lot of the process of his builds. From his hand sculpts all the way to his molds. When it was ready and he pulled the first one and Lizzy was beside herself!

Once I got my hands on ours, I worked quickly with all the references I had pulled to get everything right. From the colors to the patterns I’ve researched all the details and set to work on making this her best helmet yet.


Sabine’s colors are a little crazy to match but getting them right is important. Too bright and it looks like a bad Hasbro paint job. Too muted and it loses the punch Sabine needs. I take her bright colors and make sure my weathered finish brings down the shine and makes it look real and used!


… and did I mention that masking and painting a Sabine helmet is VERY time consuming.




A lot of people ask me about painting a Sabine helmet. I wish I could say that after somewhere around 6 repaints I had it down easy but there are really no shortcuts to this. You really have to think about which layers you want under which layers and what will make your masking the easiest. One thing I do now is mask in layers so that when I’m done with one part that’s masked I can peel it off while still leaving the next layer underneath ready for the next color. You really have to think ahead for Sabine.

But with some patience and probably a few do-overs…

You end up with one beautiful helmet.


And one happy Mandalorian.


And then you have to get to work on the rest of the armor and changes…


See you for the next part!

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